‘Be Sweet & Hot Even in The Kitchen’ – Actress Anita Joseph Advises Married Women

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Talented Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph has taken to social media to offer some words of advice to married women on how to keep things fresh and exiting in their marriage.

Actress Anita Joseph wants her fellow married women to step on the gas peddle and be more adventurous with their partners at all times by being ‘sweet and hot’ even in the kitchen.

Taking to her Instagram page, the voluptuous movie star shared a video of herself in which she encouraged women to look beautiful for their husband.

Actress Anita Joseph has advised women to be more adventurous with their partners at all times.

In her post, Anita stated that the toll of child birth and care put together should not hinder a women from showing off her body to her husband.

Using her own marriage as a reference point, the screen diva revealed that she has formed the habit of lacing up in skimpy dresses whenever she’s home with her man. According to her, this single trick often leads to him grabbing her in every corner of the house.

Actress Anita Joseph says she laces up in skimpy dresses whenever she and her handsome man are home alone.

She said: “Married women listen, this is the time the showing off starts. Open your eyes, when you are in the kitchen be sweet and hot. You need to see me in the kitchen, my husband grabs me everywhere. That you are married with kids doesn’t mean you should not do shakara, this is the time to do shakara. Why are you tying wrapper? The man will run away. Your husband needs to see you how you were when you guys met. I know some things might have changed, but keep up. Don’t be like a mad woman, take care of yourself.”

Actress Anita is currently married to husband Michael Fisayo aka Mac Fish. The lovebirds made headlines after tying the knot in a private ceremony earlier this year.

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