Blessing CEO Makes A Big fashion Statement That Gas Got People Reacting

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    Famous Africa’s Certified Relationship/Mental Expert, Entertainer, and Queen of Clout, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka aka Blessing CEO, recently wore a controversial dress on her date night with her boo, which received a lot of criticism from fans.

    Blessing CEO recently shared pictures of her look on her social media platform as she stepped out on a date night with her boo. In the pictures, she was dressed in a bedazzled sheer one-legged catsuit which featured multiple pearl strings on one side of the dress. The other leg-side of her dress wasn’t covered as it revealed part of her butt and thigh, reaching till her feet. She graced her outfit with a mini bag and black heels.

    Some fans described the outfit as lacking class, elegance, and decency, while others admired the dress as they praised her for her bold fashion choice.
    The controversy sparked a debate about fashion choices and what is considered appropriate for different occasions.

    Netizens were not impressed as they reacted in the comment section to share their thoughts on the dress.

    @am_zeeno; “This is not classy at all.”

    @ifeyinwa.juliet.522; “I don’t like this cloth even for Free.”

    @ruthienzieh; “This is a total no for me. Like what is this.”

    @paulstekel; “Matured date night is usually decent with a nice gown not something like this though…. Responsible matured men with class won’t take a woman like this serious unless as she said boo, if not ehhh… First date and second don’t try this with men with class like them Dangote oo.”

    @switsandy1; “Yes, it’s expensive but the design is rubbish.”

    @busayomi200; “Madam commot this dress immediately, it’s giving destiny etiko vibes…Whoever gave you this idea needs a special spot in hell.”

    @cutie_treasure_26th; “So he will allow you to follow him like this??? The outfit is not fine Sha l know say ur followers no go tell u d truth.”

    @phynest_janegodfrey; “The cloth not dress is classless, not fine at all. I believe all these ones saying is fine are just looking for give away.”

    @mofeh__; “The design is quite ODD.”

    @realoroma_; “Even with all the garge and money claimed You’re still not chic n classy!!! Your simple look is better ble ble.”

    @peace_tochkuwu23; This is not a dress it’s trashy.”

    @family_pot247; “Truth be told it does not suit you one bit. You don’t have the attitude to carry the style with. Outfits like this comes with a badass swag kind of attitude. From the facial expression, to the body carriage you just have to let it all out. Like this you look as if you made a mistake wearing it. Let our Tianna fashion or Mercy Eke wear it, you will understand what I mean.”

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