#Bobrisky Nigerian Male Barbie Wasn’t Allowed In The UK to Celebrate His Birthday!

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Nigerian Barbie, Bobrisky wasn’t allowed entry in the UK yesterday after arriving the country to celebrate his Birthday. Most Nigerians think he was deported.

According to reports, he was denied entry into the U.K and was briefly held at a detention camp near the Heathrow airport and was later put on a return flight heading to Lagos this morning.

Bobrisky who couldn’t post any updates from his trip was said to have been denied entry because his visa doesn’t permit him to work in the U.K, as he is in the country to make money through the event.

In his reaction this morning, he simply wrote, ‘In any situation, u find urself always still thank God. There’s alot to talk about but I just want to sleep and wake up beautiful as usual’. 

However, most Nigerians believe he was deported. However, Bobrisky has shot down the rumour by writing. He said

‘I want to say a very big thank you to all my Uk fans who really want to see me badly. I know some of u have got true love for me but trust me it hurt me that I cried dis morning because I was not able to see people who truly loved me and appreciate me. As for the haters who think I was deported or banned from entering the UK that is a fat lie.
I was only asked to go get the right visa. U all forgot so soon that I’m a strong soul, nothing can break me .And as for the SNITCH who went to tell the immigration I’m coming to work so sad u are pained that u can see me grow in success. Let me correct ur impressions darling we know u but i won’t mention ur name I went to Uk to relax and enjoy myself not to make money.
I make nothing less than 1million a month in my country, I became so famous in my county, Snapchat pay me in my country so tell me why I won’t love my country NIGERIA ??. Out of dis money I make monthly I still help the needs who need my help.
UK immigration treated me awesome because they went through my past record of all the country I have visited for the past few years and there was no BAD record. So nothing still change my coming to Uk ??. I came home voluntarily to get the right visa I’m coming Uk lovers’.


It’s not rocket science, Bobrisky simply needed a work permit since he will be making club appearances for money and that is considered ‘work’ in the UK. He will need a work permit visa if he aims to make money during his stays.

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