Bobrisky Poked Papaya Ex About The Poor Turnout At Her Housewarming Party

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Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, is not backing down from his beef with social media influencer Papaya Ex, and he recently trolled her over her housewarming party.

Recall that Papaya unveiled her new mansion and noted that she will be opening the house on December 18, 2022. Read more: 

The D-day finally came with videos from the event making the rounds on social media. Bobrisky then took to his page to react to the event.

On his Snapchat profile, the crossdresser resorted to throwing shade at Papaya’s event which he described as being very dry.

Bob laughed at Papaya on his page and noted that he was watching the World Cup finals and not her event.

In his words: “Everywhere just dry.

“Na final World cup i dey watch wetin you dey watch ? God no make d small money i dey manage waste .”

In a subsequent post, the crossdresser also trolled Papaya’s party guests and noted that she should have invited ballers and not skit makers.

He wrote: “Invite ballers to ur parrty not Instagram skit makers”.

In subsequent posts, Bobrisky resorted to comparing Papaya’s party with his own pre-housewarming party. The crossdresser gloated about his party venue, his giant cake, his outfits and more.

Bobrisky mocks Papaya Ex.

Bobrisky further compared his pre-house warming party to Papaya, which was not extravagant and highly publicized.

“Dis was pre-house warming o but see the decor.

First, look 11million white gold and diamonds jewelry. We don’t wear t*sh

Even our favourite housewarming cake can’t come close to my own pre-housewarming…and dis is not the main party.

See my neck gold can buy ur favourite house.

But wait!!! Why are they empty chairs”.

Netizens react as Bobrisky laughs at Papaya Ex’s housewarming party

The crossdresser’s online jabs at Papaya did not go unnoticed by netizens and they reacted. Read what some of them had to say below

biod_un: “Her house warming have an actual house that’s all that matters.”

phadekhemmy: “Idris, final world Cup biti bawo? Is the world coming to an end ni? Please oooo, it’s world Cup final ooooo. May this Not be the final world Cup in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

3aynab: “But this man still has not been able to pack to the “House”. Na still wall paper house shim still Dey.”

stylebywofysnaz: “Idris Rest. Na your mates the pitch dey play football.”

oneheart_but_two: “Lol Bob seriously need to grow up.. this competition every time is not life o.. hmm.. 30yrs still same childish character.”

favourug: “This man just Dey fight himself.”

sisi_medley: “Is this man not over 30?? And he’s dragging a 21 year old girl on top who spend money pass??‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️. No shame”

nomeebun: “No one cares about anybody’s house warming to be very honest!!‍♀️”

sheikhayates: “Such a wrong date to choose“.

mr.agugua: “First of all. this bobrisky na agbaya . Old man wey dey fight small girl. .”

Papaya Ex arrives at housewarming party in a chariot

Controversial social media influencer, Papaya Ex, finally had her much-anticipated housewarming party on Sunday, December 18, and it was nothing short of a carnival.

Papaya made her grand arrival at the venue in a chariot that made her appear just like a fairytale princess.

The influencer also made sure to keep God involved in her party as a popular clergyman, Muyideen Ajani Bello, was on ground to admonish guests and deliver a powerful sermon.

Bobrisky shades Papaya Ex

Just weeks back, Bobrisky had taken a swipe at, Papaya Ex over her housewarming party invites.

Papaya had infuriated Bobrisky when she rolled out invites for her grand party. The content creator had a similar invite pattern to Bobrisky. Accompanying the invitation card, she gave her guests a bottle of champagne, glass cups and more.

Recall that in 2021, Bobrisky had given out an invitation package containing a bottle of champagne, perfume and more.

Noting the similarities between the two, Bobrisky took to his social media page to shade the socialite.

He pointed out how she was copying his method and mocked her dress, which he compared to LAWMA outfit.

Bragging, Bobrisky stated that he leads while others follow.

He cautioned her to stop struggling as he is already bigger than her.

“I said it copy copy anyways I leaf smallie follow.

Person wey pass you don pass you stop struggling

Is d gown for me, lawman keep Lagos clean. Life no hard now

Wahala o wa poju. Lori pe e fe pepper Bobrisky”.

In another posts, Bobrisky stated that he stays giving people pressure.

“Lmaoo if copy was a person I shall they give person pressure God o”.

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