Bon Fire Night Gone Wrong: 5 Men Arrested Over a Distressed Video of Granfell Tower Shared Online

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Bon fire night gone wrong! Five men have been arrested in connection to the burning of a cardboard cut-out of Grenfell Tower yesterday, November 5th. What were there really thinking?

In the disgusting footage which was shared online, a group of men were seen setting alight a cardboard effigy of the tower, which features cut-outs of people at the windows.


“The men, aged 49, 19, 46, 55 and 49, were arrested after they handed themselves in to a south London police station at 10pm on Monday, 5 November. They have been taken into custody.”

Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Cundy, who is leading the investigation into Grenfell Tower, said: “I am frankly appalled by the callous nature of the video posted online. A total of 71 people died in the fire at Grenfell Tower, so many people lost so many loved ones, and many more have been deeply affected. To mock that disaster in such a crude way is vile.

“I can’t imagine the distress this video will undoubtedly cause to bereaved families and survivors.

“The Met’s Grenfell Tower investigation team is taking this matter very seriously. Any offences that have been committed will be fully investigated.”

The prime minister shared her reaction to the video on Twitter.

She wrote: “To disrespect those who lost their lives at Grenfell Tower, as well as their families and loved ones, is utterly unacceptable.”

The 72 people killed on fateful night of tower tragedy 


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