Buggati Veyron Worth Millions Seized in Zambia By The Government For Being Too Expensive!

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Zambia government has seized a Buggati Veyron car that was imported into the country on Monday, February 24. The exotic car was seized because it might have been purchased with money laundry.

Reports say that this is the first time such a car is being seen in the country and industry experts estimate that the Buggati costs between $2m-$3m (£1.5m-£2.3m).

The Bugatti has been a top trending topic on social media in Zambia with people talking about it and taking pictures of it.

Surprisingly, no one has come forward for the smart car since it was seized.
Investigations are being conducted by Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission in a statement.

The state investigative wing claim they received several concerns from the public and following the concerns raised, the commission is making plans to ensure the purchase of the smart vehicle is not breached of any money laundering laws because of the cost.

The car’s seizure has not gone down well on Twitter with some Zambians arguing that other stories of possible corruption and money laundering activities by government officials have not been investigated, and why a car. Majority of Zambians agree the Law enforcement agencies are extremely selective with what they consider to be important in Zambia.

Photo credit: Lily Mutamz
Photo credit: Lily Mutamz
Photo credit: Lily Mutamz

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