Chinecherem Eze, 27 Left Med-School For Business Today She Runs 5 Franchises Beauty Stores & Serving In The U.S Army!

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    • 27-year-old immigrant Chinecherem Eze moved to the States 6 years ago
    • Now she has 5 successful Beauty Store Franchises across 3 different states
    • Launched her Hair and Hair Care Line
    • Successfully written a Screenplay in the process of producing her first feature film here in Hollywood.
    • Currently serving the United States Army as a Reservist
    • Recently received an Honorary Award by the United States Congresswoman Karen Bass for her achievements.

    On Saturday November 23rd 2019, Chinecherem Eze, a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of one of the fastest-growing Beauty Supply franchises in the United States, Adaora Beauty Supply & Salon was recognized and honored by the United States Congresswoman Karen Bass for her outstanding achievements in business having moved to the United States as a 20 year old immigrant, and within 3 years started her company Adaora Beauty LLC and subsequently became a franchise company with locations across various parts of the country within her 2 years in business while also serving as a Reservist with the United States Army. 

    The event took place at Candela Hall located in Los Angeles California and was hosted by an organization by name Umu Igbo Unite Los Angeles chapter. Alongside the Congressional honour, She also received the Outstanding Igbo Professional of the Year award by this organization. 

    Chinecherem Eze

    During her speech, Eze thanked the organizers of the ball and also expressed how grateful she was. “ Wow! Whoa!! You know when I left Med-School for business, people thought I was crazy, my parents thought I was going mad and at some point I started thinking I was crazy too but just standing right here in the presence of these beautiful people I’m beginning to think that I wasn’t crazy after all.” she said. She went on to describe how she felt through a post on Instagram where she said that Yesterday was Historical for her and how it is difficult for her to find the right adjectives to quantify her excitement. 

    Eze is such an inspiration as she continually breaks grounds in the world of business as well as entertainment from launching her braiding hair and hair care line called LA BOSS, to writing her first screenplay and in the process of producing her first feature film titled “90 days” which is currently in Pre-Production and will be premiered next year October 2020.

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