Chioma B Or Cadijat? Cardi B Calls on Nigerians to Help Her Pick Native Name

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Okay, Guys. It appears American rapper Cardi B is serious about her desire to leave the United States and move to Nigeria.

But right now, the only thing derailing that plan may not be Offset’s willingness to move with here. But the dilemma of picking a suitable Nigerian name for herself.

We all know that Cardi B is extremely good at a considerable number of things. But when it comes to picking a Nigerian name, that’s uncharted territory even for someone like her. But you don’t expect a cute bae who was born and raised in the Highbridge neighborhood of South Bronx, New York, to be good at that, do you?

Which is where you come in.

The singer recently took to her twitter page on Monday, January 2020, where she tweeted the two names that appeal most to her. And now she is calling on Nigerians to help her pick one.

“Let’s settle this ones and for all CHIOMA B Or Cadijat,” she tweeted.

Recall that a few days ago, Cardi B hinted via a tweet that she is filing to become a citizen of Nigeria. The 27-year old even appealed with fans to help convince husband, Offset, to also join her in making the trip to the embassy.

Offset & Card B

So far, the responses to her tweet have been massive, and Nigerians are still taking to her comment section to help the rapper pick a name.

Cardi B’s popularity in Nigeria has surged since her decision to become a citizen. She has been welcomed with opened arms and everyone is waiting for her to finally move over (If that ever happens).

Photo Credit: Instagram

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