Clout Chasing Of The Highest Level? Full Details Of How Vera Sidika Lied To Her Fans & The Backlash

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When it comes to clout chasing in the African entertainment industry, it is now apparent there is no match to Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika who recently scored disapproving nods over the extreme deceptive tactic she pulled just to gain social media attention. The once-upon-a-time media sensation who slowly faded into insignificance broke the internet on October 6, 2022, after sharing a photo of herself wearing a catsuit with a deflated booty. Explaining why her famous big backside was now as flat as a pancake, the top video vixen claimed she underwent a Butt reduction surgery due to health risks and other complications. Vera cried out that she was fortunate to be alive.

She advised other women to be comfortable with their bodies and not allow peer pressure to rush them into a similar plastic surgery procedure. The mother-of-one then promised to share videos of the harrowing surgery she went threw, only for her to release the music video of her song that copied Cardi B’s and Meghan Thee Stallion W.A.P. The upcoming singer was captured gleefully shaking that big booty she claimed to have reduced. Before making this shocking revelation, the Kenyan celebrity has sworn that her huge derriere is 100 per cent natural.

“My booty is natural, but my B.R.E.A.S.T., Teeth, and skin are fake,” she once said. Despite lying in the past, Vera’s story saw many women, including public figures sympathizing with her, congratulating her for her bravery, and some cancelling their cosmetic surgery appointment. Now that the truth is out of the bag, millions of social media users have called out the socialite for going too far in her quest for media attention and urged her to apologize for joking about such a sensitive topic. Before you wonder if this is clout chasing at the highest level? Let’s look into why Vera Sidika decided to make this move. #VeraSidika #VeraSidikaLife #VeraSidikabody

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