“Co-Parenting In Peace Is A LIE! Korra Obidi CRIES OUT – Justin Dean DENIED Full Custody Of The Kids

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Popular Nigerian Multi-talented star Korra Obidi has cried out again to her fans after learning that her ex-husband, Justin, is forcefully trying to take her children away from her through an expedition process. The singing and dancing princess from the motherland, on the first of November 2022, posted this video where she cried out, narrating how her ex-husband is trying to frustrate her life and make it miserable. She said, ‘I just found out from my lawyers that my ex-husband wants my children to be taken from me. He is also asking for spousal support”.

Korra lamented that she did not want to bring her divorce drama on social media but sadly had no choice but to let her fans know what is going through with her ex-husband, who once preached that he wanted to co-parent in peace. Shockingly behind closed doors, he is working harder than the devil planning an expedition of the children, which he knows will break Korra physically and mentally. Korra revealed that he was denied full custody of the children.

This was when he made a move for spousal support from the money she makes on social media and entertainment. Crying out, she narrated how she has been the only parent taking care of the children’s financial welfare, including Her first child’s school fees and Health insurance, since February 2022. Seeing that her ex-husband is not taking things easy with her, Korra has agreed that it’s time to sue him for defamation of all the lies he told about her during the cause of the divorce.

Will Korra Obid go ahead with her plans to fight for her children? Why is the ex-husband hell-bent on having full custody of their daughters? #Korra #korraobidi #JustinDean #NancyUmeh #korraobidilife

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