‘Covid-19 is a Bastard’ – illbliss Says Many Celebrities Are Now Dead Broke

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Veteran Nigerian rapper illblisss has shown shades of his controversial personality by aiming shots at celebrities in the country’s entertainment bubble on social media.

Rapper illblis recently claimed that many entertainers in Nigeria are now dead broke because of the unexpected hardship brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to his Twitter page on Saturday, July 4, 2020, the music star advised his fans and followers not to be deceived by the exotic lifestyle celebrities put up on social media as many of them are feeling the strain of Covid-19 on their finance.


According to him, rather than save, these celebrities lavished their money on luxury items like cars, pieces of jewelry, houses and even drugs. He also stated that the coronavirus pandemic is exposing those who saved for the rainy days and those who did not.

He wrote “Don’t be fooled kid. Most of these cats are dead broke. They blew their lean change on jewellery, rented terrace houses, sneakers and drugs. Covid is a bastard. Now we know who saved for the rainy day.”

In a different post, the self-acclaimed Oga Boss went on to advice people not to put unnecessary pressure on themselves as majority of those who live glamorous lifestyles on social media are only keeping appearances in a bid to maintain status quo.

He added: “One step at a time. Don’t put self under undue pressure. Don’t let the gram bring depression into your life. Behind every perfect balling picture are a thousand garri soaking ones you will never see. Be real to self!”

Quite interesting.

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