Cristiano Ronaldo Teaches The World What It Means To Be Loyal!

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest player to have ever played the game of football?

While many are still living in this question, others have decided to give him that title of GOAT(Greatest of All-Time). And while every lover of football is thrown into excitement with the occurrences of the transfer window – seeing that it’s soon coming to an end – the speculations on the future of Ronaldo has been on almost every tongue.

It is no longer news that the Juventus hitman flew away from the Italian airspace on the 27th of August, to a destination that had remained a mystery to everyone until the late news of that very day.

For months, the reports of Covid-19 affecting the finance of the Serie A giants made it obvious that it would be difficult to settle the wages of Ronaldo.  Paying him became difficult, and the club was left with an option of offloading certain players, in order to foot his bills.

The five-time Ballon D’or winner finished last season as the highest goal scorer in the Italian league – a feat difficult for players of his age – but the inability of the club to win the Champions League and the Serie A title of last season, made some Juventus board members believe his magic wasn’t doing enough of what they wanted.

Max Allegri – the coach who brought Ronaldo – was still of the opinion that they needed him, and that he was okay with the efforts of the hitman who has been outstanding in the Seasons he played for Juventus. 

Seeing that there were other clubs who could afford him, and wanting to relieve Juventus the burden of offloading other fine players, he shocked everyone by deciding to leave before the end of the current season. Prior to this, there were rumours, that he could be sold by the end of the current season.

Allegri said goodbye to a player he loves so much, with words laced with emotions:

“Things change, it’s a law of life. Juventus remains, which is the most important thing. Cristiano gave his contribution, he made himself available, now he leaves and life goes on.”

Paris Saint-German and Manchester City were known giants in the game who wanted his services. At a point, it became obvious that Manchester City is the only place for him in England, seeing that they had the finance, and are the current EPL Titleholders.

It is no news that he won his first Ballon D’or and Champions League with Manchester United.  He created memories and records with the club and is seen as their greatest ever, by many pundits. Since Ronaldo left England, no English Player has been crowned with the title of World Best Footballer. Imagining Manchester City using him to hurt Manchester United, became a discussion that was unavoidable.

Manchester United being a struggling club when compared to Manchester City, made many fans believe that Ronaldo would not consider returning back to Old Trafford. Everyone believed he would pitch his tent with City, where he would be paid more, apart from him standing a chance of winning the EPL and Champions League.

But when the Man United coach made the media know how much they loved their legend, and before the world could understand what was happening, the day’s news ended with Ronaldo making a shocking move to Old Trafford. 

It was extreme jubilation for fans of Manchester United all over the world. Their Legend returned, and with a lesson of what it means to be loyal.

People need to learn the need for loyalty. I do not think the legend will be at peace playing for another English club. He returned to the club that gave him his name and fame.

Money isn’t everything. Sometimes, loyalty should come before certain things.

Written by: Edward Amah

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