Cynthia Morgan Drags Rudeboy Exposed How He Cheated While Still Married To Anita Okoye

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Nigerian singer and rapper Cynthia Morgan, now known as Madrina, has slammed her colleague, Paul Okoye, for distancing himself from her.

Paul, in an Instagram live session, stated that she was never his artist but his brother’s artist.

He noted how both of them had gone their separate ways, yet she was still on their necks. He went on to wish her a quick recovery.

“Cynthia Morgan, she is not my artiste. She was never my artiste. She was my elder brother’s artiste. They have gone their different ways. Na she sabi. I wish her to get well soon.”

Cynthia, who isn’t one to take a dig slightly, slammed him for distancing himself from her. She questioned if she was sick that the singer was wishing her a quick recovery, and she blasted him for his audacity to talk down on her.

Madrina reminded him that he still owed her for the feature she did for him and his then-girlfriend while he was still married to his now ex-wife, Anita Okoye.

Cynthia is indirectly implying that Paul has been cheating on his wife. It wouldn’t be surprising, as his ex-wife had also said he had cheated on her with their maid during their divorce.

“You think you can talk @iamkingrudy you wish me get well soon, me and you who they sick?

Remember you still owe me for the feature I did for you and your girlfriend who was also your artiste in 2016?

And I believe you were still married at the time? Mind yourself Paul, mind yourself”.


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A few weeks back, Cynthia Morgan launched an attack on Peter and Paul Okoye, as well as their brother, Jude Okoye, who was her former label boss, calling them habitual liars and promising to revolt.

Addressing those telling her to move on, she stated that it isn’t easy, especially when she was eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when everyone thought she was living the life of a millionaire.

She added that she doesn’t care about him taking her money, but he should avoid trying to ruin her reputation because he doesn’t have one.

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In 2020, Cynthia alleged that Jude took over all her social media accounts and stripped her of her name after she opted to leave the label. An accusation Jude denied with proof.

The embattled reggae cum dance hall star didn’t stop there; she accused him of owing her N7m and continued to drag him, raining curses on him as she wished him suffering and tagging him “evil.”.

Reacting to her rants, Jude Okoye mocked her in a sarcastic tweet, sarcastically claiming that Dangote also owes him N20 billion. He added that if he shouted too long, it might also become real.

Taking a move, Cynthia Morgan dragged him to court over the culpability of her intellectual property during their time together at Northside Entertainment. We wonder what happened to the court case, as she hasn’t updated the public on it.

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