David Oyelowo steps ‘back in time’ to film #PeterPan & #AliceInWonderland prequel in London

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British Nigerian actor, David Oyelowo will take a step back in time for his latest role, as the actor was spotted on the set of new movie Come Away in London on Tuesday afternoon.

Dressed in a period costume, the actor, 42, looked in high spirits as he filmed scenes on a city street that had been transformed into a Victorian market for the flick, which is a prequel for both Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan according to Daily Mail.

David will play a character named Jack in the live-action film, though the nature of his role has not yet been disclosed. It is possible Jack will be the father of Peter and Alice, as they are siblings in the re-imagination.

The amazing actor was spotted in a retro ensemble that included a checked waistcoat and bowler hat, the Selma star looked to be having the time of his life on set as he joked between takes and stopped to pose for selfies with fans.

The movie’s production crew have been hard at work transforming the historic riverside street Shad Thames, once home to the largest warehouse complex in London, into a Victoria market for the movie in recent weeks.

And their efforts certainly paid off as the brick roads were lined with wooden wagons stocked with barrels, ropes and piles of straw sacks that created the illusion of an impoverished, run-down area.

A horse and cart, as well as extras clad in Victorian costumes, added to the effect as filming got underway on the charming street, which is usually a tourist hot spot.

It’s believed the movie will be filmed in various areas across the UK over the coming weeks, before shooting moves over to Los Angeles later in the autumn.

David was the only big name pictured on set.


The movie, set before Alice went to Wonderland and before Peter became Pan, reimagines the iconic characters as brother and sister.

We’re excited and can’t wait to see more.

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