Detailed Story & Real Reason Why China Is Kicking Out Africans? (Video)

Chinese Ambassador Zhou Pingji Photo credit: Twiter/Femi Gbajabiamil/
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The Chinese in their fight to control the Pandemic is blaming and treating black people in China unfairly, and the situation is getting worst by the day. Discrimination of blacks in China is nothing new.

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However, the situation has escalated since Corona went global. Black people on business trips, Students, even residents who are settled with families in the country as well as Black Americans, Black British and Africans are all facing the same discrimination.

They’re not allowed in public facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, public transport, and even Mc Donalds. Across Chinese city, Guangzhou, hundreds of black people are now homeless and surviving off handouts on the streets for no reason. Sadly, while all this is going on, Chinese people are being welcomed in most African countries with open arms. Guangzhou is home to one of China’s largest African communities and has become a hub for African traders buying and selling goods across the African continent.

Some recent viral videos have surfaced showing Nigerians, and other black people, lamenting the inhumane treatment they have been receiving from the Chinese authorities. Who they said have not provided them with any alternative food or shelter after evicting them from their residents.

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