Did Davido & Chioma’s Son Ifeanyi Adeleke TRULY Died By Drowning or Chef & Nanny HIDING The TRUTH?

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The tragic news about multi-award-winning singer Davido losing his first son Ifeanyi Alekeke has become the saddest news of the year. The sad story is unbelievable and bigger than we think as more details about what actually happened and the course of the 3-year-old’s passing have surfaced. After the accident, eight of Davido and Chioma’s domestic staff who were present in the house when the little boy reportedly drowned at his father’s Banana Island home swimming pool were arrested and questioned by the Lagos state police. However, six out of the eight staff have been released. But the cook and the Nanny, whose primary job was to look after the child, drastically failed to do their job.

The source who made the revelation further said that it was the primary duty of the Nanny to take care of baby Ifeanyi, justifying how a little boy could have left the house without her knowledge, walked to the back of the building where the swimming pool is and fell into the water without anybody noticing until much later. At the point in time when he was eventually found, he had already drowned and was at the bottom of the swimming pool when he was found. According to shocking reports, the child was underwater for a very long time. #ifeanyiadeleke #Davido #ChiomaandDavido #ChiomaandDavidoson

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