“Don’t Just Worry, Your Cup Go Soon Full” Israel DMW Quashes “Davido Beating His Wife Chioma” Allegation From His U.S Alleged Pregnant Lady Anita Brown

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Nigerian singer Davido’s aide, Isreal DMW, has reacted to Anita Brown’s allegation of domestic violence.

It was reported that Anita had accused Davido of being a woman beater.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, she shared screenshots of past news that alleged that Davido was always beating Chioma and had chased her out of their Banana Island mansion.

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Anita claimed that Davido is a woman beater, a liar, a manipulator, and a control freak.

Demanding he free Chioma, he claimed she is in an abusive relationship and has been physically and mentally abused by the singer.

Anita recounted how she met Chioma in 2017 at Nikki Beach in Dubai. At that time, Chioma was a side chick and had taken him away from his baby mother.

Taking to a blog’s comment section, Isreal DMW questioned when Davido ever beat Chioma.

Telling her not to worry, he told her that her cup would soon be full.

“Oga beat up madam? When for God’s sake? Ur cup go soon full. Don’t just worry”.


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This isn’t the first allegation Anita Brown has laid against Davido.

Anita Brown drops a bombshell revelation.

Earlier in the day, Anita Brown, in her series of rants, had alleged that Davido forced Chioma to have a series of abortions before they welcomed their son, Ifeanyi, who is now dead.

Addressing those who trolled her for being an OnlyFans star, she reminded them that their favourite singer was having sexual intercourse with her weeks ago and enjoyed it.

She told his fans to ask him how she tasted, as she claimed that her relationship with Davido was never secret. According to her, their affair was open, and the singer had courted her.

Anita Brown vowed to start accepting interviews to spill more about Davido’s philandering.

She claimed that he was constantly forcing women to get abortions for him and would blame it on his dead child.

“I can see why he loves abortion; his wife had a few of them before they finally got a son. Fucking evil ass people. From the time I knew you, you have been having females calling about babies and abortion. Dirt Bag! I could never!”.

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