Dr Pauline Long Set To Deliver Keynote Speech at London School Of Economics at The African & Caribbean Youth Convention

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Dr Pauline Long is set to deliver keynote speech at the African And Caribbean Youth Convention taking place at London School Of Economics on 15th February 2020. The conference organised by Think Tank 720 in conjunction with Access UK in partnership with LSE will be focusing on sharing best practice, networking, collaborating and bringing attention to the work of grassroots practitioners, to promote a multi-agency approach to tackling knife crime and youth violence.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this worthy cause where I will be sharing my expertise on entrepreneurship, philanthropy and leadership with the youth. I look forward to not just encouraging the youth but also opening avenues for mentorship as I believe we must continue to pass on the torch,” said Dr Pauline Long

Speaking about the aim of the African & Caribbean Youth Convention, the event organiser Caroline Namugabi said, “Our aim is to bring together a selection of culturally competent solutions providers, to engage vulnerable and at risk, young African & Caribbean youth. at a much earlier stage. Think-Tank 720 & Access UK endorse a “public-health approach” to addressing knife crime. We support the delivery of culturally bespoke prevention and intervention programmes Our African centred think tank Consortium, completely rejects the “one size fits all” solutions model of engagement as a means of addressing African & Caribbean disproportionately within the criminal justice system. She added, “Last year culminated in 147 knife-related murders in the capital, a sizeable amount of the victims of these senseless homicides, were, unfortunately, young African & Caribbean men.”

The conference will also present awards to amazing community champions, practitioners & young people who are working tirelessly to make this world a better place.

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