Female Celebrities Whose ‘Under The Knife’ Body Transformation SHOCKED Fans Mostly

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It’s one thing to be plus-size; it is another to be a plus-sized celebrity. No matter how rich, beautiful, and talented, it is almost a sin for a celebrity, especially a female celebrity, to be plus-sized in Nigeria. Too fat for fame, they call it. Over the years, we have seen many big, bold, and beautiful celebrities subjected to fatphobic comments on social media by trolls who only have one or two things to say, “lose that weight, hit the gym.”

As a result of this horrific fat-shaming, many plus-sized celebrities have gone on various body transformation journeys that did not only shock everyone but got fans drooling. While for some, their decision to go from fat to fit has a lot to do with their image as a celebrity, some dropped that weight for health reasons and doctors’ advice. Today, we can count some celebs whose body transformation shocked the entire nation. Who are these celebrities? What’s the secret to their trim figure? Is it a fad diet, the gym, or the now popular method of going under the knife? #Teni #SingerTeni #eniolabadmus #ElvinaIbru #Nollywood #Afrobeats

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