Frederick & Peggy Leonard Make Their First Public Appearance After Successful Traditional Marriage

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Newly wedded Nollywood celebrity couple Frederick and Peggy Leonard have stepped out for the first time as husband and wife following their elaborate wedding ceremony.

It is no longer news that the love birds tied the knot on Saturday, 19th November, in Warri, Delta State, amidst bliss and well-wishers.

The event was graced by several notable celebrities such as Ugezu J. Ugezu, Junior Pope, Luchy Donalds, and others.

A few days after the ceremony, the new bride,  who shared so many lovely stories and advice during her wedding reception, took to Instagram to give their fans a sneak peek on how their marital journey is going so far.

Taking to her Instagram story, Peggy shared a video of herself and her husband, Freddie, in a car.

In October, the couple, who have been having an on-and-off relationship dating back to 2015, shocked their fans when they announced that they were getting married.

Frederick, during their wedding ceremony, revealed that he is unable to live without Peggy.

He said, “I wasn’t looking for a wife. I was looking for a soulmate and a best friend. You have been my best friend for the longest. And that is why even when we fight, we cannot live without each other, just because we miss ourselves.

“Baby, I will hold your hands even when we fight. I love you. I was not Film Lord when you met me. But you looked at me and told me you were born a star. Keep acting, and keep doing your thing.”


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