“He Go Say Na You Dey Friend His Wife” Chat Between Isreal DMW’s Ex-Wife & Sabinus Got People Talking

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Comedian Sabinus receives admonitions from netizens after his chat with Isreal DMW’s ex-wife, Sheila Courage, emerged online.

It is no news that Sheila Courage and Israel DMW’s marriage crashed barely a year after they took to social media to call out each other.

However, in a recent development, Sheila posted a screenshot on her Instagram, showcasing a jovial exchange with the popular comedian Sabinus.

The conversation revolved around football, with Sabinus playfully teasing Sheila about Manchester United’s embarrassing 3-0 loss to Bournemouth on Saturday, December 9th.

Sheila, in turn, asked to be left alone amid the taunts over Man U’s loss.

See the post below:

Reacting to the screenshot, netizens took to the comment section to chip in their thoughts regarding the friendly conversation between Sabinus and Sheila Courage.

One pos_davido1 wrote: “Juju wouldn’t like this oo sabinus respect your self oo 😂😂😂”

splendstar wrote:“Is this not israel wife ? 😂😂😂 life is good”

prettydressmaker wrote: “Isreal go say na u dy friend he wife now”

nsima_ekpo wrote: “Na so e Dey start. Another thing go be “I don’t like how you dress to do skits”
I no wan hear stories o ……… just sarcasm o 😂😂😂”

amyfabric wrote:“Isreal go soon say “see what someone’s wife is doing”

db_naturals wrote: “Girl is moving on well with her life ❤️ Love to see this 😌”

In other news, despite suffering rejection in her first attempt, Ella Ada, who has been professing her love for Israel DMW and begging him to marry her, has intensified her plea in a new video.

In a tearful clip, Ella emotionally expressed her reasons for wanting to be Israel’s wife, emphasizing her desire to shield him from further heartbreak after his marriage crash.

Ella passionately professed her deep affection for Isreal, DMW, and fervently prayed for their union.

Strikingly, she declared that Israel need not concern himself with paying her bride price, asserting her disinterest in his money as she knows he spent a lot of money on his crashed marriage.

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