Healthy Tips On Living Your Best Life This Festive Period

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve are wonderful times of the year! However, maintaining your health over the holiday season can be difficult. In this piece, we talk about ways to make the most fun memories out of the holidays while maintaining good health.

The Christmas season is typically associated with binge eating. With practically limitless food available, it might be tough not to go wild on the plate of jollof rice and grilled chicken.

Researchers have discovered that during the Christmas season, people frequently gain a little more weight.

This discovery comes as no surprise, but research has also shown that people rarely actually lose weight before the next holiday season.

Although establishing healthy habits may appear tough at this time, it is critical to recognize the importance of excellent diet, sleep, and physical activity in ensuring you are energized, rejuvenated, and ready to take on 2023. Here are some suggestions on how to look out for your health this Christmas:

Stay hydrated 

The festive period is known to have available drinks and alcohol, and with the excitement of the season, people merry away and overindulge themselves in this and therefore neglect to maintain good water intake. Staying hydrated helps to balance the body’s internal system and keeps you at optimum health. Remember 8 glasses of water a day keeps the doctor away.

Engage in physical exercise 

On Christmas Day, it might be tempting to spend most of your time lounging on the sofa, scrolling through TikTok on your phone, or binge-watching old Christmas movies. Well this will show a decrease in physical activity

Taking walks or strolling around the street you live in, going for early morning jogs, or engaging in a fun outdoor activity will help maintain physical health this holiday.

Treat yourself to a healthy meal 

Delighting yourself in some of your favorite things over the holiday season is fine. However, Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial to staying healthy, regulating the quantity of cheated foods you take would be helpful, and incorporating healthier food choices in your Christmas dinner menu. 

If you plan on drinking alcohol during the holidays, remember to keep hydrated and control your intake.


Mental health is one aspect that is commonly overlooked, studies show a decline in mental health in individuals during the festive period either due to family issues or other factors. Avoiding engagements that will leave you mentally stressed out is important.

One way to look out for your mental health is to surround yourself with loved ones- not only direct family. Eat well and have lots of rest. Also reaching out to a trusted friend who you can talk to or a therapist would help. 

The Christmas season is seen as a time when people do as they please. Rather, deem it an opportunity to take care of your emotional and physical health this year.

Written by: Anointing C Julius 
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