Hidden Reasons Why Many Believe DAVIDO & First Baby Mama Sophia Momodu Are BACK TOGETHER?

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If someone had told you that Davido and his first baby, Mama, Sophia would be in the same room or share the same space after all their beef over the years, most people who know their history would definitely say, ‘No way! 

Interestingly, it looks like the chemistry that sparked between the duo seven years ago is making a comeback after videos and pictures of Davido having a great time with Sophia at their daughter’s 6th birthday flooded social media.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with two adults co-parenting to make their child’s birthday a memorable one. But the way 32-year-old Sophia Momodu’s heart was fluttering beside Davido, and the way Davido was being entertained and even taking good care of her has got people talking. Are they back together, or are they warming up for baby number two for the sake of Imade?

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When it comes to romance, Davido has proven that he can be full of surprises. The Jowo singer started 2021 making the headlines for cheating on Chioma, his longtime girlfriend, fiancee, and mother of his first son with two different women, Larrisa London, who allegedly had Davido’s second son in London and Mya Yafai, an American model. Before fans of Chefchi could raise their voice in her defence, Davido had already moved on.

It didn’t take long for fans to realize another woman in the picture after a video of the singer and Mya Yafai went viral. But then again, their brief relationship is rumoured to have broken up too. With the assurance of Chivido Ship crashing and Mya Yafai nowhere in sight, it looks like Davido has moved on to an old flame in the person of his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu.

As a serial baby Daddy who makes being a father look so easy, Davido celebrated his first daughter Imade’s birthday on Sunday, May 16th. After celebrating his second daughter Hailey’s 4th Birthday in the US a week apart, the singer quickly flew back to Nigeria to celebrate Imade’s big day. Apart from showing his first daughter so much love and showering her with expensive gifts, Davido extended his affection to his baby mama Sophia in the most adorable way. The two were seen getting cosy, laughing together like best friends and couldn’t keep their hands away from each other, something he didn’t do with his 2nd baby mama while celebrating Hailey’s 4th birthday. This has raised suspicion that some secret romance is brewing between the Risky singer and Sophia Momodu.

Fans of the singer believe that Sophia and Davido relationship is waxing stronger by the day with Chioma out of the picture. While Davido and Sophia shippers are screaming, an old flame burns brighter as they cheerfully ring the love alarm. While on the other hand, some people are equally shocked to see Davido going back to this old flame. 

Sophia and Davido Relationship

David and Sophia had a brief relationship in 2014, which the singer would later describe as a fling. At the time, their relationship was on a lowkey until Sophia got pregnant, gave birth to the Fem crooner’s first child in May 2015. Even before the baby was born, Davido made accusations about Sophie’s infidelity and demanded a DNA test. After Imade’s birth, a DNA test confirmed that she is indeed his daughter.

Interestingly, in January of 2016, after Davido’s music career had taken off like a rocket heading straight for the moon, the couple started fighting dirty on social media over Baby Imade’s custody. Sophia accused Davido and his family of taking her child away from her for 5 good months and were planning to take her to the US without her consent. Employing the help of her uncle, Dele Momodu, she fought dirty to get her child back from the Adeleke’s and even cursed the day she met with Davido.

On the other hand, David accused Sophia of being a drug addict and feeding his daughter with breast milk contaminated with Cannabis. He claimed that Sophia tricked him into making a baby, lied to him and only told her they were expecting a child at the end of the second trimester. But even at the young age of 21 then, the singer stepped up to be a responsible father, especially as marriage was out of the picture. Davido again claimed that Sophia manipulated him and has been exploiting him like her meal ticket since the arrival of their baby. As if that wasn’t enough, Davido insulted her uncle and even dropped a diss song in honour of Dele Momodu.

Davido and Sophia, over the years, eventually squash their beef for the sake of their smart daughter and learn how to co-parent and be mature around each other, especially after their rich family stepped into the matter.

While Davido’s music career became global from hit after hits, Sophia Momodu focused on her own business and, more importantly, her beauty and maintained a killer body.

Fast forward to May of 2021, Imade, the product of their brief relationship, turned 6 years of age on May 14. Davido and Sophia threw her a big birthday party to mark her big day. While the children’s party was ongoing, Davido and Sophia appeared to be more than friendly. The frequent body touch, the groovy dance, and a video of Davido fanning Sophia gave their fans the impression that they’re definitely having more than fun. But even without all of this, there have been previous signs that their relationship has been waxing stronger since last year. Apart from the no baby drama, Davido and Sophia travelled to Ghana together in December of 2020 in the singer’s private jet, and they reportedly had a fling in-between. And this is all thanks to their beautiful daughter, who could be bringing her parents back together co-parenting.

Since the 2016 child custody battle, Davido and Sophia have successfully squashed their beef for the sake of their daughter. Sophia allows Davido to spend a lot of quality time with Imade, and most times, she often hangs out with them. The Jowo singer also allows Sophia to enjoy motherhood her way. And the most beautiful part of their co-parenting is that they show up for their little girl always, be it for school functions, vacation, family gatherings, and for Imade’s personal brand.

Imade is not only Davido’s first child but also his carbon copy who acts like her father. As the first child who melted Davido’s heart, Imade was named after his late mum. Apart from being super cute, Imade is also very intelligent, which makes Davido proud, and this could be part of the reason why Davido is falling in love with the woman that gave birth to his smart little daughter.

Imade has been pivotal to the growth of Davido’s brand, especially after the videos of her singing along to her father’s songs went viral. Imade also easily bagged brand deals from time to time, with her recent being Evans industry. Without a doubt, her father, who is a big go-getter, is proud of his baby’s achievement. 

Davido spoils his daughter Imade at any opportunity. He buys her expensive jewellery in 30BG gang-style, including some customized in her name. She also gets cash, expensive clothes and most recently a Dior bag and a Range Rover SUV. While the other gifts seem suitable, the range rover gift he reportedly bought for his 6-year-old is raising suspicion that Davido does have a soft spot for Sophia, whom fans believe the brand new car is for.

From Sophia Momodu’s body language at their daughter’s birthday party, the beauty who once confessed her heart will never flutter for Davido again, without a doubt, was enjoying his presence. Apart from old flames, Davido’s music success, his bank account and excellent skills at being a father have softened Sophia’s heart. From the look of things, she wouldn’t mind putting another bun in her oven for OBO, especially as they made a beautiful and smart baby. On the other hand, it looks like Imade would love a sibling too!

Do you think Sophia and Davido are dating again? 

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