Hilda Baci Finally Makes Public The Whopping Amount She Spends For Her 100-Hour May Cookathon

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Nigerian chef Hilda Baci has made public the whopping amount she spent for her 100-hour May cookathon.

The 27-year-old who surpassed Lata Tondon’s record in a 4-day cooking marathon at Amore Gardens, Lekki, Lagos, shared the cost while releasing WhatsApp chats as she defended herself in the ongoing N3m saga.

In the screenshot we sighted on her Instagram Story, Hilda told the Abuja brand that she spent over N80 million so people could eat and drink for free. In her words:

“I spent over N80m of my hard-earned money for my cookathon so people could eat and drink for free. 

“I worked hard for years to get here but everyone is so quick to post things to tear me to shreds for their own benefit.” 

Hilda Baci defends herself in the ongoing N3M saga

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Hilda Baci had defended herself with receipts in the ongoing N3 million saga.

In an Instagram Live broadcast on Monday night, Hilda shed more light on the whole deal and how she backed off after finding out about the N25k Meet and Greet part.

According to Hilda, she would never ask fans to pay to see her, and she recalled her last Akwa Ibom outing, where she took pictures with about 300 fans and did not budge or charge the fans.

The Akwa Ibom indigene shared receipts on her Instagram Story of her WhatsApp conversation with the event planner, confirming how she backed out and refunded them the N3 million as soon as she found out about the N25k part.

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