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Do You Know The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?


Bellow are some symptoms of Lung Cancer and how to go to your #GP or Doctor to get the help you need.

10 Yummy-Mummy Looks Regina Daniels Served Us Since Welcoming Her 2nd Child


Movie star Regina Daniels Has Transformed her fashion Since Giving Birth To Baby Number 2. If Regina Daniels is known for one other thing apart from her movies, it’s how fashionable and well she often dresses, which is screaming classy these days.

The 22 years old Nollywood actress and her 62 year old husband, Ned Nwoko recently welcomed their second child and ever since then, the new mom have been serving us hot, hot when it comes to fashion and swag.

Before we go into more details, Regina Daniels recounted how she was not ready when she had her son, stating she was insistent on living her youthful life, but Munir’s arrival brought numerous significant changes into her life.

She said in an Instagram post…

“thanking God for blessing me with this adorable little one and just can’t help but share it with the world. I can’t believe I birthed the same baby twice”

However, since Regina had her second child, the Nollywood sweetheart has stepped up her game when it comes to fashion. Regina Daniels doesn’t dress like your regular 22-year-old but like a classy woman in her 30s, Dripping with elegance. Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at ten times the ‘Enemy Within’ star served us some Yummy Mummy Gorgeous Looks.



The mother of two who has taken on a new trend in her fashion style, giving us some “woman of virtue vibe”, see photos;


Regina Daniels at Petra The Lost City has chosen to serve some Arabian looks


This is definitely the “feeling good” sensation and the actress know exactly just how to give her noble looks.


Mother of two sitting pretty In one of the traditional parlour in “mount Ned”


Regina Daniels looks absolutely adorned in grace in this fourth look.


This fifth look has got the damsel looking gorgeous in soft heals and corporate wear.


Regina’s smart outfit is totally beautiful in this 6th look – her sunglasses giving the ready to vibe energy.


This photo displays all mummy vibe in the flowing Ankara outfit


Regina even as a mother of two isn’t ready to step down in her fashion moves, she’s advanced her game with a whole womanly energy in black.


Regina Daniels decided to offend with #Fendi in her first outing after giving birth. The baby girl despite keeping is simple with a pair of Jeans and T-shirt, still looked classy. The funny part is that you wouldn’t know that she just gave birth to a whole human a few days ago here.


Finally, her tenth look is painting a picture of the actress keeping her cool while her mum looks after her. You can tell Regina Daniels is enjoying the yummy mummy soft, like in the 3rd slice of these photos where she rocked a baby blue summer dress.

Which one of these 10 Regina Daniels yummy mummy looks is your favourite?

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle & All Members Of The Royal Family Cancel All Activities & Gathers By The Queen’s Bedside

Ghanainan born award-winning Actress, Singer, Producer and Humanitarian, Juliet Ibrahim turned a year older today.  Marking her Birthday, the beautiful celeb released and shared some new pictures with her fans and well wishers. Check them out below.…

Prince Harry and His wife Meghan Markle have headed to Scotland to join the rest of the royal family amid reports of The Queen’s failing health. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were initially dfues to attend the Wellchild Awards in London tonight but have to cancel to be on the queen’s side.

Prince Charles tralled to Balmoral by helicopter and is reportedly already by the by The Queen’s side, along with his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Williams and Kate have also travelled to the Royal Highland Estate to be with the queen in what is feared to be a critical time.

Despite The queen being 96 years of age, according to British law, any statement about the Queen’s health is deemed to be rare and suggests the situation is serious. It is also significant that all of her immediate family drops whatever activities and travel to be with her at such time.

Minutes before the statement, the new Prime Minister Liz Truss was handed a note in the Commons informing her of the development as she was revealing her plans to cap energy bills for the next two years.

The Prime Minister, who was sworn in by The Queen at Balmoral on Tuesday, August 6th tweeted: ‘The whole country will be deeply concerned by the news from Buckingham Palace this lunchtime. 

‘My thoughts – and the thoughts of people across our United Kingdom – are with Her Majesty The Queen and her family at this time.’

A statement from Buckingham palace, Published early today, the 8th of August reads;

‘Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision.

The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral”

How To Spot A Male & Female Romance Scammer By Nkechi Bainze


These days, it’s very easy to be fooled online, especially in the romance department. Social media commentator Nkechi Bainze has taken some time to explain how to spot a romance scammer or catfish as they’re fondly called, you know, finding someone who is single, perfect and ready for a new hot romance, she advises singletons to run for their dear life if it’s too good to be true. Explaining with different scenarios, Nkechi said;

If he chats you up and tells you he is a widower/divorcee single father who works in the Oil Rig and his child stays with his mother. So, he wants to remarry a woman who will be his daughter’s mommy….. nne, he is a ROMANCE SCAMMAR!

A day or 2 after you start chatting, he will tell you he loves you and wants to marry you.

Very soon, his mother or child will fall sick and he would be unable to send hospital bills from the Oil Rig, or have restricted access to his bank account, and he will need you to help him out.

Nne, he is a CATFISH. RUN Ben Johnson, or Usain Bolt!

– If he is in the Army, posted to a place with poor network, so he can’t do video call with you. However, he has fallen in love with you and can’t wait to be with you.

Shortly after, his mother, father, sibling, child or dog or cat falls sick and he is unable to send money so he needs you to borrow him money that he will easily pay you back when he gets back…. CATFISH/ROMANCE SCAMMAR!

Nne, Usain Bolt!

– If she’s very beautiful like a doll/model, young and attractive. But she is in love with you and wants to marry you. She’s always having excuses for why she can’t do video calls. And, she needs money to do anything.


Ben Johnson, Usain Bolt, or just FLY!!!

– If he is so attractive, a single man or single father who is into buying and selling of Gold and/or Diamonds, or “importer and exporter”. And soon after meeting him, he needs money urgently to clear his goods.


Run nne, RUN. Or borrow wings and fly!

Most romance scammars are dumbb, and they use stale tricks. I don’t understand how people keep falling for these.

They prey on lonely men and women, especially if they perceive you are desperate for a partner.

Their main targets are over 30 never married ladies, and over 40 windows, widowers and divorcees.

These are the tricks over 90% of Yahoo-Yahoo guys use on people abroad, especially people in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Romance scam costs Canada over $15Million per year, costs Australia over $18Million per year, and costs the US and UK even much more per year.


If it is too good to be true, it’s most likely NOT true.

If he/she starts telling you they love you and wants to marry you soon after you start chatting, and later start asking for money, there’s a 99% chance he/she is trying to CATFISH and scam you.

If you are on an online relationship with someone you have never met and he or she starts asking you for money, feel free to reach me inbox to help you investigate if the person is real.

Credit: – Nkechi Bianze

Mercy Chinwo Says Final ‘YES I DO’ In Traditional & White Wedding Held In Grand Style

Mama Africa, Yemi Alade just released her best dance visual yet for the music video of her afro-pop dance anthem “Koffi Anan”. The energetic dance visual is directed by prolific cinematographer Paul Gambit. Check out the music video below. The Philkey…

Famous gospel musician, Mercy Chinwo, is on the receiving end of best wishes from her family, friends, and fans, following her traditional and white wedding ceremony which took place in Port Harcourt, Rivers state on Friday, August 12, and Saturday August 13th 2022 respectfully.


The Nigerian singer had formerly held her court wedding with her hubby, Blessed Uzochikwa, on Thursday, August 4, in the Ikoyi registry. The latest couple in town took a week’s rest before holding the grand traditional wedding and white wedding which played out to be a perfect success.

One remarkable moment during the wedding ceremony was the mother-daughter hour, mercy admitted.”One of my most Remarkable moments ❤😍❤Nothing beats a Mothers Love


The singer of the popular song; Excess Love, as well as her hubby, was dressed up in exquisite traditional attire and it was only a matter of minutes before pictures and videos of the ceremony flooded the internet.

The couple later had their final wedding ceremony known as white wedding the next day and it was exquisite and beautiful just as expected.

Fans worldwide took time to congratulate her on her new status and wished her a blissful marital experience with her husband, Mr. Blessing Uzochikwa.

Eniola Badmus’s Body transformation Sparks Mixed Reactions

Congolese singer Papa Wemba is dead. The singer died after collapsing on stage in Abidjan in Ivory Coast. He was one of Africa's most popular musicians and a leading figure in the World Music scene. A report from a private morgue in Abidjan where his…

Eniola Badmus new body transformation sparks mixed reactions on social media.

The Nollywood actress shares a previous photo of herself right beside a photo revealing her new look. In the descriptions section, however the Omo Ghetto actress admitted that the journey hasn’t been easy.

Eniola who was a plus size woman has been making efforts to look slimmer for several years now. In 2021, she finally cracked the code and within months drastically lost a lot of weight. Her above post on Instagram, however drew streams of reactions on her comment section, amazed on her new look. While some were shocked, others commented in disbelieve.

Nevertheless, questions as to how she arrived at this body fit wasn’t left out., although the caption on her post says…

“Wasn’t an easy journey………Oju ri tooooo”

Her post left people figuring out if the actress actually worked out her body fit or went under the knife. See some comments below;

In another post however, the actress revelled that this slimmer or beautiful version of her doesn’t gossip.

See more photos of Eniola Badmus…

How Nollywood Star Eniola Badmus Body Transformation Started – Press Play

BBNaija Beauty Tukura Apologizes For Being Rude And Evicted As Her Fans Kick Start Petition To Bring Her Back

Hosted by the legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt, Friday, June 12 saw the official unveiling of Shina Peller’s Aquila Records and its official recording artists Tilla, Base One and Que Peller, to the African music landscape, at the long awaited ‘Save The Date’ lau…

The 2019 Miss Nigeria winner, Beauty Takura who joined the 2022, Big Brother Nigeria Reality Show dubbed, Level UP, is looking back at her bad attitude and begging her fans to forgive her. The 43rd Miss Nigeria queen got disqualified from the show on Sunday, August 7th 2022; following a series of events involving herself and her crush, Groovy.

Groovy was on the receiving end of Beauty’s ‘drama’ when she vented her rage upon him over his alleged with another housemate, Chomzy. Beauty went as far as throwing her wig and glasses at him after lengthy arguments.



The former Miss Nigeria queen was soon evicted from Biggie’s house. Finally reacting, she explained that her actions were an infringement of one of the rules in the TV show.

A couple of days after her eviction, the 24 year of Beauty queen is granting interviews and has taking to her social media platforms in tears. She publicly apologized to her fans for how she got evicted from the show over silly issues.

“To everybody who’s been riding with me, loving me, thank you. I’m sorry I left like this,” said Beauty.

Also, her fans are trying everything possible and have kick started a petition to bring the ‘two weeks’ reality tv star back into the show. The petition has generated over 3000 signatures from her die hard fans and counting.

Many are sad, crying that she was the LIFE of the SHOW and she only dished pure entertainment. They also claimed she was the only housemate carrying the show on her shoulders all this while.

Will this petition bring back Beauty into BBNaija House?

“I’m Moving On Thank You” – Singer Grand P Unleashes Five-Star Playboy Attitude


Guinean singer, Grand P, is pulling one of the greatest playboy stunts ever by getting into yet another relationship, months after proposing to his Ivorian girlfriend Eudoxi Yao.

Grand P whose real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba is a Guinean singer, actor and politician whose marriage proposal to his ex-fiancée, Eudoxi Yao brought him more popularity than he ever had as acclaimed.

Grand P and Eudoxi broke up in July 2021 to end an unstable relationship, after Eudoxi accused him of infidelity and made a public announcement of their break up. Later on, some photos were released confirming Eudoxi’s claim of infidelity.


He had previously proposed live on TV to the curvy actress had just broken up with her again.

However, all these claims couldn’t stop the ‘stuntman’ from striking again as he proposed to Eudoxi live on TV, in March 2022

5 months later, Grand P confirms why he is among the greatest playboys in town as he was seen yet again with another woman said to be his new girlfriend, and it appears that his engagement with Eudoxi Yao, has been broken off.

Eudoxi and alleged new boyfriend

According to Gambia platform on Facebook, Grand P’s ex, Eudoxi Yao is allegedly dating Grand M, just to get back at grand P.

Miss Pride Of Africa UK Returns After A Two Years Break 


The Pageant with a heart of charity and a soul of female empowerment was put on pause due to covid 19.

This month, the organisers of the prestigious beauty pageant are pleased to announce that the event will be happening bigger and better than before, taking centre stage once again.

Miss Pride of Africa UK is a beauty pageant fostered to promote African Beauty, Unity, Talent as well as heritage worldwide.

Founded in 2015, the pageant aims at grooming the African female youths into women leaders to impact their communities in Africa, United Kingdom and the whole world at large, aiming to have all contestants taking pride in their African descent, heritage, culture and as well as giving back to communities back in the UK and their respective African countries of origin.

Being a pageant full of a heart of charity and a soul of female empowerment, on the return this year, the organisers are looking for females full of beauty, Intelligence, Talent, Elegance, Poise and most importantly, a good heart.

For the past years, the pageant has given back to different countries like Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Guinea Conakry, and in the UK under the theme “We Are More Than A Beauty Pageant”.


1st Audition

Date: 13th August 2022

Time: 1pm (1300hrs)

Address: Club 701

516 Old Kent Road



2nd  Audition

Date: 28th August 2022

Time: 1pm (1300hrs)

Address: Club 701

516 Old Kent Road



Applicants are advised to register online via or via email before they can attend the auditions.

Singer Portable Zazu Leaked Screenshots Of His 2nd Wife’s Chats Cheating On Him


Nigerian street-hop artiste Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, has taken to social media to expose his second wife, Keji, after he caught her cheating on him with another man.

Recall that the singer secretly tied the knot with his second wife after she got pregnant for him and later gave birth.

Just recently, Portable took to his Instagram page to share a cryptic note about his second wife being ungrateful and cheating on him.

He wrote;

“Fear who no dey fear woman

Man put you for house you still dey promise another man. Wahala Wahala Wahala you never ready O sare Lol Marry… You dey double date and you still dey play wedding. Oun Pa pepe iro. I respect women fear who no dey fear women. A single mother can not raise up a responsible child Alakada Fake Life,”

Taking to the IG page of their newborn son, the singer leaked the chats of his second wife and her lover.

The Zazuu Crooner also reposted the same cryptic note on their son’s page with a caption that reads, “ungrateful.”

In the chat, the lady confirmed to her lover that she was pregnant and would not be aborting it as the pastor kicked against it while stating that it belonged to ‘Okiki Portable.’

She also professed her love for her partner as she confessed that she didn’t want to marry Portable.

See the chats below …

Portable organises carnival-like naming ceremony for 2nd wife.

It was reported how the Zazu crooner went all out for his second wife, Honey Berry, as he organised a lavish party to mark their son’s arrival into the world.

The excited wife took to her Instagram page to share a clip from her son’s christening and several videos from the party.

Portable’s bar was used to receive guests, and from the look of it, it was a free for all affair.

As many expected, many people turned up at the event, with different music blasting from the speakers.

Obi Cubana shares pics as Portable, wife, and son visit him

Popular businessman Obi Cubana hosted singer Portable with his wife Bewaji and their son at his office.

Sharing photos from the visit on his Instagram page, the businessman announced that the entire Zazu team pulled up at his Odogwu bitters headquarters to see him.

The reason for the visit was that Portable is a brand ambassador for Cubana’s Odogwu bitters.

A picture showed Obi Cubana with the singer’s little son, who made himself home and played on the table he was placed.

The SHOCKING STORY OF HOW Portable Became Famous

“Enemy of progress, every single night”- DJ Cuppy Summons A Weird Cat That Torments Her Every Night


Nigerian billionaire daughter DJ Cuppy recently went online to complain about a cat that has been disturbing her. This is coming after she threw a lavish surprise birthday for her boxing boyfriend Ryan Taylor, who lost in this first 2023 boxing fight to Swarmz.

On her official Instagram page, via her IG stories, the celebrity disk jockey shared a photo of the cat in her car and noted that it disturbs her every night.

According to Cuppy, the feline is an enemy of progress because it keeps at it every single night.

She wrote:

“This cat is an enemy of progress every single night.”

DJ Cuppy speaks on those wishing her breakfast.

Nigerian billionaire daughter Ifeoluwa Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy, seems not to care about what anyone has to say about her love life with boxer Ryan Taylor.

As many of her fans and followers continue to await her relationship crash, Cuppy, who seems tired of seeing ‘Breakfast’ in her comment section, has revealed her next line of action.

According to Cuppy in a post via her Instastory, she would be muting the word ‘breakfast’ from her comment section.

How Is DJ Cuppy’s Love Life Going?


See How Your Favourite Nollywood Celebs Stepped Out For Netflix Movie, Shanty Town Premiere


Netflix’s latest movie Shanty Town is a Nigerian crime thriller series which premiered on 20th January 2023.

Xavier Ighorodje and Chichi Nworah produced the six parts series.

Shanty Town follows the story of three Lagos-based hustlers who unite to wage war against the biggest and most ruthless crime ring in the state.

Shanty Town features Nollywood stars such as Ini Edo, Chidi Mokema, Nse Ekpe-Etim, as lead characters.

Followed by Sola Shobowale, Uche Jumbo, Nancy Isime, Judith Audu, Shaffy Bello, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ali Nuhu, Zubby Michael, Yaw Naija, Omowunmi Dad, Mercy Eke and one of the Nigerian music duo, P-square, Peter Okoye.

The producer of the movie series, Chichi Nworah, before the movie released said; “’ Shanty Town is a unique show in that it is at once different as it is familiar. The tale of redemption will especially resonate with audiences familiar with the grit and hustle mentality of Lagos, and, indeed other fast-paced and vibrant cities around the world. We are spotlighting the underbelly of the city and bringing to life the various character dynamics that exist beneath the cover of everyday “normal life,” thus telling a truly fresh and compelling story. I cannot wait for the entire world to see Shanty Town!”

As usual, The blockbuster Nollywood movie had an exclusive party/ soirée before its premiere and the stars of the movie dressed uniquely in celebration.


Ini Edo

The famous Nollywood icon, Ini Edo, dressed in leather leggings a black and white strip blouse alongside a red long booth.

She scores another hit in her career line by making her international debut with the production of the Shanty Town movie for Netflix.

In the project, Ini Edo also doubles as a lead character, where she plays the role of Ese, equally referred to as ‘The Fire Brand’.

Chidi Mokemo

Famous Nollywood actor Chidi Mokemo wore royal blue pants alongside a sky blue shirt and brown shoes.

Chidi Mokeme’s is another strong lead character. The father of ones’ performance in the movie was absolutely outstanding and professional. Through his interpretation as the kingpin Scar, Mokeme has won many viewers’ hearts.

Mercy Eke

Ex-BBNaija housemate Mercy Eke wears cargo trousers and a black crop top alongside a black booth.

The reality TV star plays the role of a prostitute, Jackie, and acts beautifully in the star-studded movie.

Many praised Mercy Eke for her incredible performance and lauded her acting skills despite it being the second movie she has acted in.

Fans accredit her ability to convey emotion, despite being new to acting. Many were particularly impressed with Mercy Eke’s performance, who made her Netflix debut with the series.

The influencer, who is still having a moment in the euphoria of acting in the movie, shares a series of posts commending her acting skill. with this, she reveals her availability to star in any movie, see tweet below;

Omowunmi Dada

Famous actress, Omowunmi Dada styled her beautiful outfit in a blue short skirt and blazers alongside a black top bra and black heels styled by herself.

She revealed the release of the Shanty Town movie in an Instagram post and captions;

Got back and Netflix came calling.
So I Stepped out in style for Shanty Town Soiree.

Shanty town will be out on Netflix from tomorrow, January 20th,, you don’t want to miss it ❤️

Ali Nuhu

The popular Nollywood actor Ali Nuhu, is styled in a white and black Ankara style alongside a black palm. Ali Nuhu has starred in multi-lingual Nollywood movies and receives loads of credits for his amazing scenery performance.

Lilian Afegbai

Famous actress and filmmaker, Lilian Afegbai bedecks in a black short body con gown alongside a black and something that looks like a silver heel.

After starring in the newly released Shanty Town movie, she calls herself the Ashanti of Shanty town”

In this respect, she shares a post on Instagram and captions;

Na me be Ashanti of shanty town 😂Shanty Town is now showing @naijaonnetflix
If you haven’t seen it 😳😳 you are missing
This movie is everything, no jokes 

Tope Tedela

Tope Tedela wears a two-piece blue outfit styled by @light.inthemarketplace, alongside blue and white sneakers.

Upon announcing the release of the movie via a post on Instagram, he congratulates the entire cast and crew of Shanty Town.

He captions his post;

“Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Shanty Town. It’s out on @naijaonnetflix tomorrow! 💪🏼…”

Justin Dean Threatens $1 Million Defamation Lawsuit As Korra Obidi Sets 30th January To Tell the Truth About Their Toxic Marriage


Korra Obidi and her millions of fans are currently counting down to her memoir’s release date. The multi-talented signing and dancing princess from the motherland, a few months after her shocking divorce from Justin Dean, her husband of three years, promised to tell her side of the story at the right time. Announcing her memoir date as January 30th, 2023, the freshly divorced mother of two promised to tell the truth about the toxic marriage that looked very romantic and adorable on social media and her journey so far. But not everyone is happy about Korra releasing the memoir.

Her Ex-husband Justin Dean has made several remarks about filing a lawsuit for slander and defamation of character every time his ex-wife mentions telling the truth about her marriage journey. Just as Korra began counting the days to dropping her memoir, the father of her two beautiful daughters had this today. #KorraObidi #Korra #KorraObidibook #KorraObidimemoir #JustinDean #KorraObididivorce

Press PLay

DJ CUPPY Shuts London In A Lavish BADMAN Party For Her Fiance Ryan Taylor 


Billionaire daughter DJ Cuppy has got everyone talking about throwing a lavish celebrity party for her fiance, Ryan Taylor, after losing his first fight of 2023. Taylor, a professional BMX rider that also doubles as a boxer, had the boxing match with his opponent, Swarmz, on January 14, 2023.

Unfortunately, the father-of-one who didn’t train for the fight, but bragged to fans that it would be one to remember, got knocked out one minute into the fight. This is coming after Swarmz landed the first punch. Taylor instantly sustained a gruesome eye injury and was immediately rushed to the emergency ward of the nearest hospital. At the time of this incident, Cuppy, who can be melodramatic, sometimes expressed how frightened and worried she was about her British fiance on Instagram. And next, we knew, the Gelato Hitmaker shut down London and threw her husband to be a lavish surprise party. In the videos shared on Cuppy and Taylors’ Instagram page, the billionaire heiress invited his team, his family, and London Celebrity friends to celebrate and cheer up the boxer for losing this first fight of 2023.

As usual, many social media users praised the talented Disc Jockey for going all out for her new man and fiance. But many others who haven’t recovered from Cuppy’s surprise engagement to the man she had only known for 25 days said that she is doing too much and all this excess PDA might soon end in tears. Did DJ Cuppy do the right thing by throwing her man a flamboyant party? Or is she really doing the most? #DjCuppy#Cuppy#DjCuppyandFiance#DjCuppyboyfriend#Otedolagirls#Otedola#FlorenceOtedola#FemiOtedoladaughter

Press Play

BBNaija Star Khloe Reacts To A Claim About Afrobeats Star Yemi Alade Being Pregnant For President Of Togo


Big Brother, Naija Reality star Khloe, has reacted to a claim about the popular songstress Yemi Alade being pregnant for the President of Togo.

An Instagram blogger had alleged that the ‘Johny Johny’ crooner is pregnant for Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe Eyadema, the president of Togo.

He also claimed that the actress and the president have been dating since 2017. He claimed that the president is married to five wives and is already planning to make Yemi his sixth wife.

“Nigeria singer Yemi Alade is currently pregnant for the president of the Republic of Togo. Yemi has been dating the president since 2017. But 4 days ago, it was confirmed that she is carrying a child for the Togolese president.

The president is already married to 5 wives and is set to marry the singer as his sixth wife”.

Reacting to the unconfirmed news, Khloe took to a blog’s comment section to leave a reply.

Taking a dig at him, she wrote, “Osama biladdin guy”.

Yemi Alade’s “baby bump” in a new video has caused quite a stir.

It was reported Yemi Alade had sparked reactions with a teaser for her African Baddie video. The singer shared on her Instagram page with many of her followers wondering if she is pregnant.

In the teaser video, Yemi Alade wore a black body hug outfit and whined about her waist but what caught the attention of many of her fans was her “baby bump like” tummy in the video.

“Is it me or are my eyes seeing double? I thought she was pregnant” one Desola wondered

“Is that a baby bump I see” one Nichole asked

“Mama Africa, we need to sue that camera cos why do you look pregnant or are you pregnant?” one Ms. Black wrote

Some other fans on the other hand chose to defend Yemi Alade by querying those body-shaming her.

Hang Out & Featured In BEYONCE’S Lion King Album? Yemi Alade Is Living Her Best Life

‘My Nanny abused me as a child between the ages of 2-8″ Reality Star, Bamike Tells Emotional Abuse Story


Former BBNaija housemate Oluwabamike Olawunm popularly known as Bambam has revealed how she was molested as a child by a nanny and also raped by her ex-boyfriends while she was younger.

The mother of two made this known on Sunday in a video posted on her Instagram, revealing that the abuse happened between the ages of 2 and 8.

She further claimed the experience had affected her in so many ways as she couldn’t confide in her parents because the nanny threatened her, adding that she was also raped a few times by men she dated in the past.

She said, “I was abused by a Nanny as a child between the ages of 2-8.

“She used my face to masturbate and forced me to suck her breast while at it. It has affected me in different ways.

“I have also been raped a few times as a young girl. I wasn’t ready to have sex with some of the guys I dated in the past, so they forced themselves on me.

“Look, sex must be consensual even in marriage. Sex must be consensual at all times. Don’t manipulate a mind into it, not to talk of a child.

“Hurt and mentally sick people hurt other people. That nanny was clearly abused or possessed and felt it was okay to do all she did to me. We have sick people making laws to permit their sick orientations.

“I know some vile mouths and sick-hearted people would say rubbish and make unrelated comments.

Some may spin this out of context, some may feel I should have been quiet, y’all are the major cause of the problem in this world, abused people are committing suicide, and some are abusing other people.

“I owe nobody any explanation, I’m doing my bit. If you care, let’s go.

“For the ones with the fear of God, let’s come together and build a community to protect each other and our children from these predators.

“Let’s do our bit to contribute to healing this dark world. Let’s do real kingdom work.”


Heidi Korth, Sina Rambo’s Ex-wife, Responds To Men Who Send Love Messages Into Her DM.


Popular influencer and estranged wife of Sina Rambo, Heidi Korth, has disclosed that men have been storming her DM to send love notes.

The Nigerian-german who has been making the headlines due to her feud with her estranged husband, Sina Rambo, took to Instagram to address men trying to fill the singer’s spot.

Heidi Korth warned the admirers to stay off her social media DMs as she wants nothing to do with them and only wants business messages.

She also cautioned them to respect themselves.

In her words:

“It’s weird and creepy to go to my business page to get my number and send me love messages. Please less us respect each other. Business ONLY!! Thank you”.

See her post below;

Heidi Korth confronts her estranged husband, Sina Rambo, over an outstanding debt.

Recalls that Heidi Korth resumed the online expose she started earlier this year over her husband’s infidelity and indebtedness.

Heidi Korth took to social media to reveal that her husband allegedly owes Northside hospital in Atlanta forty-eight thousand dollars, which equals thirty-five million Naira for their daughter’s birth.

She claimed that Rambo gave the hospital her number and email, and as such, the hospital management has been disturbing her with the payment. Heidi went on to share screenshots of the series of chats between them.

Revealing more about the issue of infidelity, Heidy Korth shared a short clip showing the face of the household she accused Sina Rambo of having an affair with.


“I Dreamt That Some Women Attacked & Cut Off Your Pën!s” Charly Boy Issues A Terrifying Proclamation To Apostle Suleman


Seasoned entertainer and human rights activist, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, famously known as Charly Boy or Area Fada, has revealed a scary dream he had to the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Suleman.

Recall that Suleman has been making headlines over his alleged sexcapades with Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar and other celebrities.

It was reported that the actress came up with revelations of how Apostle Suleman slept with her even when she was bleeding and how she had three abortions for him.

Reacting to this, Charly Boy, on Tuesday, in a tweet on his Twitter handle, stated that it was no longer news that many pastors in Nigeria engaged in fraudulent activities.

Warning Apostle Suleman to be careful, he narrated that he dreamt about him being attacked by women, and his manhood was cut off.

“Not that I always like to yab pastors’, but I know many Nigerian pastors are either just scumbags or fraudulent. That’s putting it mildly, but this one takes the cake. Suleman, you better be careful, I dreamt last night that some women attacked and cut off your manhood,” he claimed.

Speaking further, Charly Boy advised the Apostle about a new business idea, claiming “since all you know is balling women, why don’t you open a brothel. Another business idea though.”

Halima Abubakar provides evidence of their affair.

Just days back, Halima Abubakar had finally opened up on her affair with the clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The actress, unbothered by the lawsuit filed against her by the clergyman, had taken to a recent interview to spill tea about their affair.

Halima revealed that Apostle Suleman first contacted her on the phone to be his friend. They talked for four months, and he sent her 500,000 to show he was serious about his relationship with her.

The ailing actress insisted that she never knew Suleman was married as he told her he was separated. Halima shockingly revealed that she pleaded with him countless times to reconcile with his wife, but he remained adamant.

Halima claimed that Apostle Suleman proposed to her seven times, but she rejected his proposal. Unbothered by the rejection, he involved the actress’s parents in their affair and did an introduction to her.

Speaking on their sexual life, Halima revealed that she discovered that every time they had sex, she would always bleed, but since she wasn’t spiritual, she didn’t read the meaning of it.

To prove herself, Halima shared old photos she took of the clergyman while in a hotel on Valentine’s day. She berated media personality Daddy Freeze for pitching a tent with Suleman, with whom he is friends.

Halima added that she had a tattoo of his name on her hand when their relationship was good and when she discovered he was married, he had calmed her down.

Apostle Suleman has currently sued Halima Abubakar for N1 billion for defamation. Their court case is set to begin in March 2023.

BBNAIJA: “What Did The Men Go There For?” Sam Olatunji Reacts To Nedu Following His Chat With Doyin David On The Frankly Speaking Podcast


A publicist, Samuel Olatunji, popularly known as Big Sam, has reacted to a statement by media personality Nedu Wazobia about the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show.

KanyiDaily recalls that during his recent podcast, Nedu claimed that many ladies join the BBNaija reality TV show to sell ‘Kpekus’ (Nigerian slang for female sex organ).

Nedu said the BBNaija show takes most of the housemates from zero level to a greater height in the entertainment industry, but most of the female housemates do not have the values to offer; hence, their fame is not long-lasting.

He added that as a result of their lifestyles which have automatically changed, the ladies with nothing to offer end up sleeping with rich men that would give them millions to meet their new standards and peer pressure.

Reacting on his Instagram page, Big Sam asked why men go to the BBNaija House since women who participate in the reality TV show, do so with the intent to “get customers”.

He wrote, ”If the ladies at Big Brother Naija (BBN) went there for ‘customers’ what did the men go there for? O ga o. Women don suffer. Abi kin pe Rexxie?”

KanyiDaily recalls that Nedu Wazobia had recently recounted how he walked into a room and caught two female celebrities having a threesome with his rich friend at the Transcop hotel in Abuja.

“A customer can turn to a husband” – BBNaija’s Doyin respond to Nedu claims

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija 2022 housemate, Doyin David, has said a body-for-money trade between a man and woman can end in marriage.

She stated this during a chat on Frankly Speaking podcast with Nedu Wazobia and the gang, as the host talked about female BBNaija stars selling their bodies.

Nedu argued that most ladies go on the reality TV show to market themselves for rich men who would be rushing to sponsor them when they leave the house.

He said the Big Brother platform shoots its contestants into stardom in the blink of an eye, but most of the female housemates lack anything of value to give to society, hence, their fame is not long-lasting.

His words: “The reason why many go to BBN is that they are hungry. Do you know what Big Brother does for you, it takes you from here and shoots you up but there is no substance to hold you on to. It’s only s** many of them have to offer, they intentionally go there just to get customers”.

In response, Doyin defended such women by saying there is nothing wrong with the ideas.

She said the men engaging in such transactional relationships could sometimes decide to marry their ex-housemates.

The BBNaija star said, “Who says that is a bad thing? customers, they turn husbands, una dey use small eye look am? which one of you here will not be happy to find someone to give you millions…”

Mercy Aigbe Penned Sweet Heartfelt Message To Her Husband Kazim Adeoti Who Turns A New Age.


Veteran actress Mercy Aigbe has revealed that her husband, Kazim Adeoti, completes her and is a blessing to her.

Kazim Adeoti is celebrating his birthday today, and Mercy has taken to her Instagram page to celebrate him in a special way.

While wishing her husband well on his birthday, Mercy Aigbe described him as her king, her dream man and lover.

She added that she feels blessed to have Kazim Adeoti as her husband. She also expressed gratitude to him for being an incredible husband.

In Mercy Aigbe’s words,

“Happy birthday to my handsome hubby, king of my heart, the man of my dreams, the love of my life. ‘D OWNER’ gangan @kazimadeoti. I feel so blessed to have found a partner who makes my life complete. Thanks for being such an incredible man. God bless you”.

Mercy Aigbe makes her husband blush as she chants his oriki on his birthday

In a previous post, Mercy Aigbe had left many gushing over her birthday tribute to her husband.

Taking to Instagram, Mercy Aigbe shared stunning photos of them dressed in matching Yoruba attire as she sang his praises.

Mercy Aigbe made her husband’s head swell as she eulogised him with a surreal chant of his lineage.

The actress in the post lavished him with sweet words describing him as her paddy, friend and more.

“Happy birthday to my friend, my paddy,my ijinle pampam, my gee, ‘D owner’ @kazimadeoti. Omo Oluabuade, Omo Elemona, Omo Ibironke, Omo Ade Oba, Omo Ayonyika, Omo Aro Onile.

Have fun Ade mi, love ya mucho!”.

Mercy Aigbe celebrates her husband’s birthday in style

In 2022, Mercy Aigbe penned a special tribute to her husband Kazim Adeoti as he celebrated his birthday.

Taking to her Instagram page, Mercy Aigbe shared a photo of Kazim Adeoti donning in white Agbada and a black cap as he poses for the camera.

Mercy Aigbe eulogised her husband as an amazing personality with pure heart, selfless in all ramifications, her gist partner and reality check.

According to Mercy Aigbe, Kazim Adeoti had been her source of happiness and prayed that God would increase him in every area of his life and grant his heart desires.

In her words: “Handsome Bobo Yeah!!! Finally it’s here!!!! Happy birthday to a Great Man, a man of honor, amazing personality!!!!! Your heart is so pure! Selfless in all ramifications!!! An astute business man ( my mentor when it comes to business), super hardworking, real estate mogul, best movie marketer! My bestie, My reality check, My gist partner! You do so so much for people around you, you are a rare Gem! “

Toyin Abraham Slams Odunlade Adekola And Revolution Property For Land Fraud


Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has taken to social media to fire back at Revolution Plus property after they stylishly used her colleague, Odunlade Adekola, to spite her for dissociating herself from the brand after their alleged fraudulent activities.

Taking to her Instagram page to pour out her heart, Toyin Abraham spoke on all she had to go through as an ambassador of the organization, having to deal with threats, and curses from victims the organization scammed while using her photos for their adverts.

Firing back at them, Toyin Abraham wrote “I am not keeping mute again, you have turned me into a beast, into an animal so deal it. Because I love and I hype you, I hype people I love with my life, I told you to sort people before we start the advert and the next thing is for you to shade me and make me look bad in the presence of people that look up to me,

“I have cried, begged, I even asked a lot of people to please beg you people that we need to know what the issue is but no you don’t care, you want me to continue doing advert so people can bring more money and not get what they paid for. … terminated my deal because, in your words, I reduced affection and a reluctant approach towards publicly identifying with the brand because I said it is wrong to continue posting when some people haven’t gotten what they paid for….God forbid!

“Please keep shading me, this time around Lagos state government will be the one to settle it cos any more shade from anyone I promise you and yes people must get their refund or what they paid for. Don’t talk, don’t talk you are a star till they will ruin someone’s life and reputation, this is the only thing I do for a living. People have issue, but rectify it and apologize and act on righting the wrong instead of moving on like nothing is wrong.”

Toyin Abraham wakes up to curses and threats from Revolution plus victims.

“I wake up to curses and threats every day of my life because of what? Please for the records I never collected any land, house, or car from Revolution plus company, I was paid for my services and get paid for product placement in my movie if need be, please once again I wasn’t given any land or house at all. You terminated contract cos you feel i’m not doing enoough after taking bullets for the company, my mum, mum in law and godmum were all dragged over this issue….

“Refunding over N700million” Odunlade Adekola spites Toyin Abraham over Revolution property scam

It was reported that Toyin Abraham’s cry-out is coming after Odunlade Adekola chose to stick with the brand by renewing his ambassadorial deal with them.

“I will like to use this medium to appreciate RevolutionPlus Property for allowing my great fans know what I’ve been doing day and night to resolve the issue on ground up to the level of refunding over 700million naira. I believe and I pray that all issues on ground will be resolved by God’s grace.
Thank you and I love you all”
he announced on Instagram.


“This is an appreciation post to our loyal and longest serving brand ambassador, Mr Odunlade Adekola. 

“Your involvement and sheer dedication cannot be overlooked by the company. We appreciate all that you have been doing for the brand since over five years that you have joined the RevolutionPlus Property family.

“We appreciate your hardwork and commitment despite malicious and mischievous campaign being circulated on social media

Mr Adekola, thank you for your dedication and your involvement in ensuring all dissatisfied customer’s complaints are resolved.”