How Meghan Markle Changed The Future of 15 Year Old Aker Okoye

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We’re all about the positive news, Duchess of success, Meghan Markle made a surprise visit to Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham on Friday to deliver a message for International Women’s Day – asking men to “value the women in your lives”.

After addressing pupils at an assembly, she invited the head boy Aker Okoye on stage to give his view on why men need to be involved in the fight for women’s equality. 

The 16-year-old greeted Meghan and seemed to whisper to her, which prompted the whole room to erupt into cheers and screams.

Before taking the microphone and said: “She really is beautiful, innit?”

Meghan burst into laughter and wagged her finger at him, and then with a smile praised Aker’s “incredible confidence”. He also got a hug from her, followed by a round of applause from the pupils, he added: “I had to speak the truth there.”

Followed by: “I just had to stand up, I had to look around because I wasn’t sure if there was anybody else.

“I thought to myself, this day means so much to me, it’d be an insult for me not to speak.”

Aker Okoye checky encounter is trending and so is “She really is beautiful, innit?”

In the letter, published by The Sun, after Okoye hugged Prince Harry’s wife, he said;

‘Dear Harry and Meghan. Harry, hope you don’t mind me writing this letter,’ he wrote.

‘I hope you didn’t mind me cuddling your wife. I was just overwhelmed and shocked to see her arrive at my school.

‘It was a pleasure to hear her speech and to speak in front of her as well. She is truly inspirational.’

Okoye also told the Sun that he was ‘thankfully single’ as he had ‘no idea’ how a girlfriend would have reacted to his encounter with the Duchess.

The young lad also said he hoped to meet Harry one day and wished the royal couple “good luck for the future” as they step back from senior royal duties.

He appeared on Goodmorning Britain today, January 9th, with his mother. He talked about his encounter with the duchess and also used the opportunity to talk about his studies, passion and interests. Aker Okoye’s demeanour was very infections on tv also. Piers Morgan and Sussan Reid quickly caught the bug as they express their delight in meeting the young man. They also invited him to come back sometime in the nearest future.


Source: Evening Standard UK & The Sun UK

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