‘How will you be alive as a parent and give your nine years old out to go labour? – Oge Nsimah Reacts To The Sad Death Of A Child

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So I read one sad story on how one Mrs Iyke Ujunwa Ugwoke married mum of one, based in Enugu, known to be very hot-tempered, beat, and stabbed her nine years old maid, Precious Koshima to death for not answering her call on time.

She pretended they were kidnapped to stave off attention from the murder. Dumped the corpse in a bush and went back home to live her life like nothing had happened.

See, the parent and relatives of the nine years old girl murdered by this soulless and heartless Igbo madam in Enugu facilitated and championed the death of their own child. Police should get them arrested too.

How will you be alive as a parent and give your nine years old out to go labour? You are a useless parent to do that, no matter the promise anyone gives you and no matter the condition of your family and who the person is to you.

Parents, be parents and nurture your child till they come of age; that’s your only assignment as a parent. Take up your role as a parent.

If you are alive and your child that is below 18 years is out there labouring as a maid, go and bring that child back. You are committing a crime. Most of you don’t deserve to have a child.

I don’t even want to talk about the couple because they are senseless. How will someone sensible take a nine-year-old as a maid?

If you have an underaged, you must see the child as your own; nurture her or him as you will nurture your own child because she is just a child .dont use a child for labour. Child labour is a crime, and it’s about time the Nigerian government criminalized these acts.

See, Giving your underage child out to labour is a crime stop it, and having an underage child as a maid is a crime,

Two months ago, someone brought a 15 years old girl for my sister-in-law to help her take care of her newborn baby.

When she called me to say something, I asked her one question,
How can a child take care of a child? I told her to keep her if you want a daughter to raise like your own, but if you are looking for a help, abeg, send this child back.

Oge Nsimah (TheUncomfortableTruth)

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