“I Am The Winner; Here Comes The Receipt” Laide Bakare Disapproves Of Those Who Tag Her As A Loser After The Boxing Bout With Chizzy Alichi

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Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has lashed out at those calling her a loser following her fight with colleague Chizzy Alichi.

It was reported during the week that Laide and Chizzy had finally put their beef to a celebrity boxing match on Saturday.

Just like Portable and Charles Okocha, the two settled their differences with a fight, and videos captured the moment the actresses engaged in a scuffle.

Their colleague, Monalisa Chinda, shared videos from the fight as she mocked Chizzy over her fighting skills.

Chizzy Alichi took to her Instagram page to celebrate defeating Laide Bakare. Despite her win, she extended love to her rival as she reminded her of her promise to give her champagne.

Surprisingly, Laide also took to her Instagram page to crown herself the winner of the match. Showing off her trophy, she expressed her love to her fans for making it happen.

However, many didn’t believe her, and they crowned Chizzy the winner, calling Laide a loser, which left the actress infuriated.

In a post on her Instagram page, Laide revealed that she had promised to never fight on social media. However, this fight is different because it involved several millions of dollars.

Bakare stated that she wouldn’t tolerate such acts of manipulation and lies, as she questioned why people were tagging her as the loser of the game.

“I have decided not to Ever fight on social media BUT THIS PARTICULAR ONE IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT INVOLVES Several millions of Dollars. And I will Never Tolerate this act of manipulation and lies. Why are people Tagging me loser of the Game? claiming I was Defeated in the just concluded CELEBRITY GLOBAL FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Anyway no long story, HERE comes the receipt. I am the WINNER”.

See post detailing proof of her victory below:

Two weeks ago, Chizzy Alichi and Laide Bakare dragged each other online after Laide revealed how Chizzy intimidated her at a rehearsal and how she gave her a nasty reaction when she asked her for something.

In her comment section, Chizzy stated that now she can see why Laide was eyeing her on set—unknowingly, she was jealous of her. Laide hit back, questioning why she would be jealous of her as she warned her never to try such nonsense with her.

Chizzy later took to her Instagram story to express her disappointment in Laide, noting how she used to respect her but didn’t know she was a very stupid person. Hitting back at her, Laide questioned if she was cr@zy, as she promised to deal with her ruthlessly.

Things escalated between the two as Laide Bakare publicly promised to beat her.

The Yoruba star shared a video of her training, as she stated in her caption that she wouldn’t be going back and forth with Chizzy Alichi. However, she was going to beat her blue-black.

Surprisingly, Chizzy wasn’t moved, as she made her know that she was also buying her boxing gloves.



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