‘I Don’t See IVD Late wife As A Victim Of DV But A Player’ Oge Nsimah Reacts

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Popular social commentator and realtor Oge Nsimah has weighed in on businessman IVD and the death of his wife’s story. According to Oge Nsimah, she does not see the late wife as a victim of domestic violence but a player. She wrote;

‘I don’t see IVD’s Late wife, as a victim of domestic violence but as a player.

See, anyone here who believes Bimbo is an innocent wife who got killed by her husband can believe anything.
She and her husband are a perfect match as toxic and destructive as.

I wonder why her family are shouting Bimbo is gone. Bimbo is gone with surprise.

I don’t think it should come as a surprise to those that knew the couple constantly fought and destroyed properties every time.

When people constantly fight, what do you expect…?
One person must di+e Nah, it’s a pity that your sister, the wife died first.

This particular husband and wife story is a case of two wayward kids turned stray adults who refuse to learn and grow.

I only have great pity for the kids they brought into this world..
Those children have suffered and have seen more violence and abuse than many adults like me. Their mental health is at stake.

I hope the government takes them away to where they can find peace because even Bimbo family is not fit to raise those children.

Oge Nsimah

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