“I’m Done With Partisan Politics. People Who Say I Am Preparing A New Political party Should Go To Yaba Left” – Obasanjo!

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Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo has raised eyebrows at claims of having preparations of building a new political party prior to the 2023 general elections.

In a statement issued by Kehinde Akinyemi, his special assistant on media affairs, the former President emphasised that he is finished with partisan politics.

He again slammed people who believe, he wants to build a new political party that they should go to Yaba Left (a psychiatric hospital in Lagos where mad people are being managed).

It read;

“In my part of the world, when you say goodnight in a place, you do not go back there and say good evening. The one who reported that may need to visit Yaba Left. And those who believe it can believe that their mothers are men.
“I’m done with partisan politics but by my position in Nigeria and in Africa and without being immodest and indeed in the world my door must be opened and it is open to any individual or group of individuals who want to seek my opinion, view or advice on any issue or matter and I will respond to the best of my ability, without being part of that individual or group.
“If anything, Chief Obasanjo’s political party today is the party of Nigerians facing insecurity, unemployment, hunger, poverty, and various other challenging issues. It is the party of Nigeria that must be saved, kept wholesomely united in peace, security, equity, development and progress.
“Let those who want to use the back door to force Chief Obasanjo to return to partisan politics respect his choice to remain a non-partisan statesman. On his part, the former President will continue to perform his role as a statesman focused on providing counsel, support, or solutions wherever possible in Nigeria, Africa and indeed the world.”
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