‘I’m Tired of Being Independent’ – Toke Makinwa Issues Come & Get Me Plea

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Being a successful woman in the modern era sure do has its perks. But like every other thing in life, it also comes with its own fair share of struggles.

Successful career woman are known to become so independent in life that it makes people around them fall into the mindset that they are not in need of any help, even when that might not be the case.

On the latest episode of ‘Toke Moment’, clsssy media personality, Toke Makinwa talks about her career and love life with the enthusiasm and authenticity that makes her the endearing spirit she is today in the showbiz industry.

Toke Makinwa says she’s tired of being an independent woman

The On-Air personality says she is tired of being an independent woman and would prefer to just lay back and watch someone else take good care of her without any strings attached.

She said: “You know this independent woman thing when you are trying to act like a boss ‘I gat my own thing.’ am not doing anymore. You people take it. I just want to relax and be taken care of. I just want somebody that will say can I just help you.

“I cannot imagine one guy saying he wants to dig me! E dey crase? If my phone should ring, I just want it to be people saying, ‘I see you working hard, I just want to help you.’ Some of us are so independent that when people see us they think you don’t need help.”

Toke aims cheeky dig at men who feel that they are deserving of her love on the sole basis of their aspiration.

The 35-year old radio girl also aims a cheeky dig at men who feel that they are deserving of her love on the sole basis of their aspiration. For these set of men Toke has a simple question, and it is, “If I was dreaming would you even meet me like this?”

Not a chance, Toke!

Watch the episode below:


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