Iniobong Umoh: Davido and His Two-Faced Lyrics

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‘Hey Davido, I know you are the perfect example of how good money combined with hard work and consistency trumps talent all the time. Do you ever take time out to listen to your lyrics? Aren’t you hypocritical?

You released Aye three years ago and you got us singing and dancing:

“Aaa yeeee
Aaaaa yeeee!
Cos she wants my love o”

You were so much in love, you told us about your girl.

“She no want designer!
She no want Ferrari!
She say na my love o!”

We all liked the song, it was a hit. All the girls loved the song, they fell in love with guys just for the sake of true love. They didn’t demand money or designer’s clothes because they all took your girl as their model.

But now, Davido I don’t understand you again. What happened to your girl? We guys are at our wit’s end because you have changed the tune. You are now telling us about your new girl.

“So I am looking for a sister
Chioma my lover
She get the dollar dollar!
She dey wear designer!”

Your girl is materialistic.

“She say give me assurance
I give my baby lifetime assurance”

You gave her a Porsche! A ride worth 40 million abi 20 million naira?

You set the table so high.
Damn you Davido! Now all the girls want to wear designer’s fashion, they are asking for dollars and Porsches. This is not fair Davido, what happened to your former girl? Is she not the same person you were gushing about;

“She fine pass Darego!
She dey do like Ronaldo!
My sweetie potato!

You told us love is blind but now you are saying something else:

“Love is sweet o
When money enter
Love is sweeter
Pepper rest o”

So your love is now all about money, designers outfits, expensive cars eh? No wonder you declared in “Fall”,

“Money fall on you/Banana fall on you
Prada fall on you oh/Cos, I’m in love with you oh, eeh”

And in “If”, you stated:

“If I tell you say I love you o/My money my body na your own o baby
Thirty billion for the account o/Versace and Gucci for your body o baby”

Have you ever asked yourself if any of these girls would be with you if you didn’t have money eh? Would Chioma still be with you despite the presence of your baby mamas if you were a broke guy?

Davido, see what you have caused! Angelina came to see me last week. She told me, “I need a Porsche. Please buy a Porsche for me! Have you not seen what Davido has done for Chioma?”

“But Davido is a rich kid and….” I tried to explain but she cut in,

“No excuses! You are older than Davido. I need assurance. Buy me a Porsche or I will break up with you”

I sighed, “Okay dear, I will buy it for you. Let me go and deposit part payment”

“Aww…i love you! How much are you depositing?”

“I have N2000 on me right now. I will pay the money in bits till I complete payment hopefully in 2034”

“How much did you say you are paying again?” She queried.

“Two thowsin naira” I replied.

Silence enveloped the room as Angelina sized me from head to toe. She hissed, turned around and walked out of the house. She walked out of my life. My angel left me because I can’t give her assurance.

Don’t let me see you around me Davido, I will whip you with my koboko! Don’t try to explain yourself, I don’t want to listen to your double-faced lyrics anymore. Just go away with your Chioma abeg, while I go nurse my heartbreak with a hot plate of pepper soup. Assurance kee you there! 😏


Written by Iniobong Umoh

Iniobong Umoh is a scientist and multicontextual writer. Better known
by his online moniker, ‘Leroi’, Iniobong is a prolific writer who
seeks to connect with the reader by incorporating humour, satire and a
touch of realism into his writings.
Read more of his works on his blog
Email: | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
Twitter: @African_Glitz 
Facebook: @AfricanGlitz 
Instagram: @AfricanGlitz
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