Is This The Most Beautiful Girl In The World? The Debate is Hot!

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A few days ago, a Nigerian photographer by the name Mofe Bamuyiwa posted this pictures of 5-year-old Jare from Nigeria on Instagram, sending social media into a frenzy and got people around the world debating if she is the most beautiful little girl or not.

Jare’s photos went viral and she was dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world. This has also left viewers with mixed feelings with some saying, all young girls are beautiful in the own ways.

The image sees the child posing in a simple setting showcasing her beautiful dark eyes and perfect smooth melanin enriched body.

Most people including professional photographers were also quick to point out that the picture has been heavily edited with makeup, hairstyle and body tone, eyes, lips and nose.

Those who think little girls beauty shouldn’t be measured

Those who agreed she is the most beautiful girl in the world

Those who think the picture is highly photoshop

Thos who pointed out she is wearing a wig

The debate is still going on social media, but a majority of people think Jare is gorgeous with or without makeup, wig or photoshop.

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