Jada Kingdom Criticizes Stefflon Don Over Burna Boy As She Calls Him “Community Gbola”

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Weeks after the news went viral that Nigerian artist Burna Boy had reportedly reignited his romance with singer Stefflon Don, his rumoured lover, Jada Kingdom, is making waves on social media with heated expressions.

Last year, Burna Boy grabbed headlines with reports of him gifting Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom six luxury bags amid allegations of their romantic involvement.

Despite Jada’s earlier denial of the claims, recent comments from the Jamaican singer, specifically targeting Stefflon Don, strongly imply that there might have been truth to her alleged relationship with Burna Boy.

A widely circulated clip of Jada Kingdom openly addressing Stefflon Don has stirred up social media, adding fuel to the fire after rumours circulated about Burna Boy supposedly gifting Stefflon Don a Rolls-Royce Cullinan for her birthday.

In a trending Instagram live session, Jada Kingdom bluntly criticized Stefflon Don and asked her to come out straight and take her on.

She asked Stefflon Don to stop beating around the bush over a man who everyone knows is quite promiscuous.

Jada Kingdom, during her live session, slammed Burna Boy as a “community gbola.”

Here’s a loose translation of her statement, “I never claimed Burna Boy because my P is blessed. Burna Boy is community neegar, he is for everyone. Steff has been throwing shades at me since last year, and I have been ignoring her. It’s all weird because all this is over a man (Burnaboy) that I never claimed.”

View the video down below:

Recall when it made the headlines that singer Burna Boy reportedly gifted his ex-lover, Stefflon Don, a Rolls Royce Cullinan as a birthday gift.

The report at the time created quite a stir, as it came nearly two years after the singer released a song about his breakup with Stefflon.

It was reported that the car was a surprise gift and came with a customized plate number.

How Burna Boy Asked Stefflon Don To Take Him Back With Brand New Rolls Royce Cullinan

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