JIM IYKE Totally Snubbed RITA DOMINIC Wedding After Explaining Why He Did Not Marry Her Years Ago

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Just days after Rita Dominic’s bridal shower and beautiful Nollywood wedding, her ex, Jim Iyke made an interesting post where he wrote in capital letters while quoting Tupac; ‘Before you ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you even give a F***” Without a doubt, this was deep as many questioned why he didn’t wish Rita Dominic a happy married life, especially after her viral Nollywood wedding that got everyone gushing and wishing her well. Jim Iyke and Rita Dominic featured in a lot of movies together back in the day. They also dated but kept it away from the public eyes.

However, during an interview with Broadway TV in 2017, Jim Iyke opened up about why their relationship didn’t make it to the alter. He said Rita wasn’t looking at longevity and couldn’t keep up with his fast and furious lifestyle. After breaking up, the actors who remained friends slowly stopped communicating with each other. More importantly, after this interview, Rita Dominic stopped communicating and featuring in movies with the Merry Men actor. Regardless, Rita Dominic’s fans expected the Nollywood bad boy to wish the star actress well instead of snubbing her totally on her big day.

The question now is, after dating several women and having children with different baby mamas, Do you think Jim Iyke ever regrated losing Rita Dominic? #RitaDominic #JimIyke #RitaDominicandJimIyke #RitaDominicrelationships

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