John Dumelo Calls For Legalization of Polygamous Marriage in Ghana  

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Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has called for the legalization of polygamous marriage in Ghana. The actor turn politician, who is veering for a political position in his home country, made the call via his social media pages.

According to him, most married men have side chicks and it is time those side chicks are walked up the wife ladder through polygamy.

He wrote: “Under customary law and Mohammedans law Cap 129, a man can marry more than one woman. Under the marriage Ordinance Cap 127, a man is allowed to marry only one woman. If he marries more than one, he commits bigamy. I think it’s time for that to be repealed. After all most married men have side chicks and it’s time to elevate them to wifey status because they perform the same duties.”.

He added that women should also be allowed to marry more than one husband.

However, his wife Mrs. Gifty Mawunya Dumelo, who apparently does share the same marriage view with her husband, commented on his post by asking him to quickly come home and meet her new husband.

“babe hurry home and meet my new husband,” she wrote.

Dumelo would delete the post from his Instagram page following the opposing comment from his wife.

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