Jordy Woods Responds To Backlash After Being Accused of Mocking Muslim Religion

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While most of us are so scared and worried about coronavirus, Jordy Woods and her family are touring Abudhabi. After posting this gorgeous photo of her, her mother and younger sister near a mosque, some of her Muslim fans found it offensive.

22-year-old Jordy Woods, received so many hates on her comment section, with some stating that the post is disrespecting their religion, mostly when she is only wearing an Abaya for Instagram photos and video and not as a believer of Muslim.

Another angry fan said when non-muslims wear an Abaya they’re seen as a cute and adorable, and when Muslims ladies wear it outside their country, are tagged, terrorists.

Jordy replied to her angry fans by apologising for offending them. She explained that in other for her and her family to enter the Mosque, they had to wear an Abaya. “In no world would I try to mock another person nor culture” she added.

Photo credit: Instagram (Jordywood)

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