Journalist #TobiOredein discuss How the Beauty Industry has Devalued Black Women!

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Freelance Journalist & Editor, Tobi Oredein during her recent Tedx Talk, looked into the issue of black women and makeup. In this thought provoking talk, Tobi suggests that if the media prioritized the views of black and minority ethnic women, society would be more forth coming when having a conversation about race, racism and the differing lived experiences.

The real life experiences of Tobi Oredein shopping is the basis for her idea about how the dynamics of the media, and as a consequence society, views and treats women based on race.

She begins her Tedx Talk with a powerful anecdote on how her white mother’s experience with makeup differed from hers.

She goes on to credit not just the makers of makeup alone, but also the mainstream media, for why-and how-black women, have been devalued in the beauty industry. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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