Kanye Buys A House Across The Street From Kim: Why it’s hard for him to move on without Kim Kardashian

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    Since reports came a few days ago about Kanye West purchasing a recent property, it has been receiving various forms of criticism.   

    The American rapper had bought a $4.5 million home across the street from his soon-to-be-ex-wife ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. A source had told “Entertainment Tonight” that this real estate decision of his, was partially inspired by his want for reconciliation.

    “Kanye really wanted to buy a home near Kim and their kids to be close to them,” said the source. “Kanye saw a house on Kim’s block was on the market and jumped at the chance to get it.”

    The source added that West “thinks it will be easier to co-parent with Kim if they live close to each other” but he “also still wants to win (Kim) back.”

    “Kanye believes he still has a chance,” the source continued. “Kim is fine with Kanye buying the home because she feels like it will be easier to co-parent and watch their kids in privacy.”

    The former couple had four children together, 8-year-old North, 6-year-old Saint, 3-year-old Chicago, and 2-year-old Psalm. 

    His newly-purchased home is said to have five bedrooms, a pool, and a stable for horses. Reports have it that the investment sounds like a great place for kids, but there are doubts of him winning Kim back.

    I do not think Kanye should be blamed for this recent action. Inasmuch as the Kardashians aren’t comfortable with the news, I believe the rapper was just a subject of good conscience.

    Is it that easy to forget a woman like Kim?

    Yes, it’s true that she, in addition to filing for divorce and custody of the kids, recently filed to be “officially single” and for “West” to be removed from her last name.  Yes, she also publicly expressed how true her rumoured relationship with Pete Davidson is. She was first spotted with the comedian in October at Knott’s Scary Farm, and she both have affirmed that they’re seeing each other.   Consequently, according to cimeland.com; a reporter said this about the feelings of the Kardashians towards the whole development:

    “While Kim is okay with Kanye’s decision to buy a house across the street, her family is not really feeling this at all. They think that it is just a little bit weird, in fact, and said to Kim that no one buys a house across the street from their ex-wife while they are divorcing. Kourtney and Khloe’s exes see their kids and they don’t live across the street. Everyone around her just feels that Kim needs to set boundaries. Kanye could have bought a house a couple of blocks away and he would have been able to have the same access to the kids. But right across the street, the Kardashians feel, is just a little bit too strange.”

    These are meant to make Kanye understand that he can’t win her back, but I can understand a man like him.

    It’s hard to move on without a woman who did what Kim did for him. Remember he was in huge debt and was broke? It is believed his ex-wife saved him from that disgrace.

    “It appears Kanye West’s alleged debt burden may have just been lifted, with the help of wife and fellow celebrity, Kim Kardashian West. On Monday night, the reality TV personality tweeted that she was ‘busy cashing (her) 80 million video game check’, and transferring $53 million into a joint account This comes less than a month after her husband and musician, Kanye West announced that he was alleged $53 million in debt to his several million Twitter followers.” – CNBC.

    You don’t forget such a woman easily. She even helped him get back to his feet by suggesting and collaborating with him on several entertainment ideas.

    Even if there was no help from her, what of the kids? Do you know what it means to live far away from your lovely kids? Surely, it’s not easy to live without your kids. 

    I don’t think Kanye should be criticized. I just think he should be understood as the man who still loves his wife, and longs for the company of his kids.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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