Kanye West Spends N23.5 Billion on A New Home Without Kim Kardashian

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Rapper Kanye West has recently launched a new home in Malibu, California, close to where Kim Kardashian stays. The rapper forked out an eye-popping N23.5 billion for the house overlooking the Pacific Ocean Kanye also owns a ranch in Wyoming and his childhood home in Chicago.

Popular American rapper and fashion designer Kanye West is a man of means, and his recent acquiring if the house shows his financial strength. Kanye West spent N23.5b on a new home.

The Jesus Walks rapper, whose net worth is N738 billion according to Forbes, has spent N23.5 billion on a new home in Malibu.

According to TMZ, the house on the beach is unprecedented, having been designed by a top Japanese architect. The house in Malibu, California, was put on sale in 2020 for $75 million, but the Yeezy founder seems to have gotten a pretty great deal.

The unique house, described as a piece of art, looks a military bunker built with lots of concrete and reinforced steel. The four-bedroom house overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is 30 minutes away from the Hidden Hills house he built with Kim Kardashian. His estranged wife and their kids still live on the property. Aside from his latest acquisition, Kanye owns a ranch in Wyoming and his childhood home in Chicago.

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