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It’s no secret that no love is lost between music superstar, Davido and self-acclaimed investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo. In the past, the two personalities born into elite Nigerian families have locked horns, one of such episodes ending with Davido telling the 58-year-old Journalist she’s rusty down there and the thing between her legs needs oiling. If you ask many netizens, they would say it was disrespectful. And if you probed any further, many would agree it’s enough to insult for a never-ending beef between the Dami Duro hitmaker and Kemi.

The drama started again after Davido tragically lost his 3-year-old son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, to an unfortunate drowning accident at his Banana Island mansion on October 31. everyone naturally assumed Kemi Olunloyo would have some empathy for the bereaved and bury the hatchet temporarily. Sadly, the Canada Deportee has chosen this period of deep grief to make damaging and unverified claims about Davido, Chioma and the Adeleke Family. Launching a Docu-series on November 3 2022, on Tiktok, which she Tagged #TheAdelekeCurse, the social media personality claimed that Davido is under a generational curse, which is the reason behind his son’s passing. Giving a better perspective, the self-acclaimed Journalist said the Stand Strong Crooner’s paternal great-grandmother placed a curse on her son never to introduce Igbo blood to their family lineage or risk bringing sorrow and sadness. But the son didn’t listen and married an Igbo woman. However, that curse seems to have skipped the previous generation but went straight to Davido because he had a son with Chioma, of Igbo descent.

Kemi Olunloyo said it’s the reason all the singer’s friends have been dying one after the other and also the reason behind the drowning accident that led to the passing of the lovechild with his fiancee, Chioma. Shortly after dropping this bombshell, Kemi Olunloyo advises Chioma to run far away from Davido and his family now that she has the chance while asking Davido to go and worship the Osun Water Goddes, Yemoja, to break the generational curse. As you can imagine, fans of the music superstar are having none of it and have accused Kemi Olunloyo of hiding under journalism to display witchcraft. Is Davido truly carrying a generational curse? Or Is Kemi Olunloyo just using the couple’s sad news to chase clout and display another level of witchcraft? #Davido #kemiolunloyo #TheAdelekes

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