Koh and Dikanda are Guilty & has been Convicted & Charged for Harry Uzoka’s Death

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Case closed, as Old Bailey jury has found two boys, George Koh and Merse Dikanda guilty of the murder of British-Nigerian model Harry Uzoka.

According to BBC News, Koh and Dikanda were convicted after evidence proved that Uzoka’s death was not in self-defense as originally claimed by Koh.

Koh’s other accomplice Jonathan Okigbo was however convicted of manslaughter. The 24 -year-olds will be sentenced on the 21st of September.

The court had heard that Koh, a model, was jealous of Uzoka, who was more successful and had recently landed a film role.

Koh had also bragged that he had sex with Mr Uzoka’s girlfriend, fellow model Ruby Campbell. Things started to get even messier between Koh and Uzoka after the models started calling each other out on social media (WhatsApp and Instagram).

On January 11, Uzoka received a message from Koh saying: “Where you I’ll come there n we can fight bring ur friends with u.”

Uzoka replied: “Come Shepherd’s Bush.”

However, while Uzoka and his flatmate, Adrian Harper came armed with dumbbell bars, they fled upon discovering that Koh and his team had knives.

Harper told the court:

I was expecting a fist fight but I took the bell bar because I knew we were outnumbered.
I had no idea and did not expect that knives would be used and I would not have gone out if I had thought knives would be used.

Harry Uzoka was stabbed in the heart in what prosecutor Richard Horwell convinced the jury was a premeditated act by a rival model obsessed with his fellow model.

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