Korra Obidi Ex-Huband Files A Restraining Order Against Her

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Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean, has taken her to court once again. This time around, he filed several court papers, including a restraining order.
Making the announcement in a video, he captioned, “The madness is finally over!
The LA-based Chiropractor lamented that it is now official that he has a restraining order against his ex-wife for harassing him for two years by making false narratives about him and saying he was abusive.
He said he proved in court that it wasn’t true. But Korra went on RAMPAGE talking about these things, and because of that, a judge granted his restraining order.
He said he has no desire to talk about his divorce and marriage to Korra anymore, and it is 100 per cent over!
He said she can no longer talk about him unless she wants to go to jail or get deported.
He claimed the harassment affected every aspect of his life, including his ability to maintain relationships with other humans.
In the same breath during the video, he called her a SCAMMER and a PSYCHOPATH.

Again in his Instagram story, he made it known that if the mother of two continued to spread more lies about him, he would file a restraining order against her and send her to jail.

He made it known that the reign of terror is over, as he called for peace to reign.

He wrote, “Lies are over!

Restraining order and jail time possible if my ex speaks more lies. The reign of terror is over.

Let peace reign”.

See some reactions from netizens below.

One Mahdiya Mohammed wrote, “I don’t know how love turns to hate. Me I pray to God not be in this situation ever. It is so draining to even your kids, you guys should just have a talk and sit down and understand that your kids will grow up and see all this

One Florence Julius wrote, “He’s just so angry that Korra is enjoying her life. Just move on man and stop acting childish

One Kasarachic wrote, “The both of them should get lost abeg. Are they the only ones with divorce issues?

One Sapphire wrote, “Na Korra know why she sef been marry Pharoah

One Okonkwo Marry1224 wrote, “Am not a fan of Korra and her sister, but this is the worst thing that can happen to any woman I swear

One Chrystal Mickey wrote, “This man is definitely an albīno but not African sha because our men get levels”.

In May of 2024, Korra Obidi started a GoFundMe campaign to get support for her legal fees. The mother of two cried out for help after her ex-husband obtained image rights protection from Meta to stop her from featuring their children on Facebook.

Crying out for help, she called on celebrities to help with legal fees, as she stated that her ex’s actions would jeopardize her livelihood as a content creator.

Refreshing your memory, Justin Dean announced divorce four days after the dancer gave birth to their second child. Korra Obidi, in March 2022, filed for a divorce.

Their divorce was quite messy on social media, as the two dragged each other and spilt their dirt.

The couple’s divorce was finally finalized on November 19, 2022, with both of them sharing joint custody of their two daughters.

During the divorce, Justin tried to gain full custody of their kids but was denied. Korra made this known on her Facebook Live, as she alleged that he was also demanding spousal support.

She lamented over how she has been taking care of the kids and paying for school fees and health insurance without a contribution from her ex, yet he was demanding spousal support.

In another live video, Korra alleged that there were ploys to take her daughters away from her by controlling her.

A few weeks ago, Justin recounted how Korra slept with a woman’s fiance while she was pregnant with their second child.

Korra debunked the allegation and revealed that she has been suffering in silence for two years since her divorce and expressed gratitude for escaping her ex.

She added that she doesn’t want to wait till the worst happens, and she is assured that help will come her way.

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