Korra Obidi Takes Ex-Husband Justin Dean To Court, His Friend Freda Inserts Herself – Full Story

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When Korra Obidi sang “Show Me What You’re Bringing to the Table, Fifty-fifty Meet Me in the Middle” in 2019, little did she know she would be taking her ex-husband to court three years later for not complying with these rules.
In March 2021, Korra Obidi and her partner suddenly broke up shortly after the birth of their second child. They agreed to share custody of their children equally. However, on September 18, 2023, Korra, during a live video on Facebook, lamented that her four-year-old daughter was at risk of being expelled from school because her father had not paid his share of the school fees. Korra immediately paid the fee and began investigating why her ex-husband wasn’t holding up his end of the deal.
One of the ladies that the Chiropractor introduced to his thousands of followers was Freda, who caught the attention of many people. Freda happened to be an entertainer, just like Korra. Fans noticed Freda’s similarity to Korra in terms of her music, dance steps, swag, and twerk moves. It was later discovered that Freda was also from Delta State, Nigeria, just like Korra. This led many fans to speculate that the father of two was trying to replace Korra with a woman with similar body and career goals.
Freda also chose this moment to restart her Facebook content-creating hustle. After our research, we found this video where Freda talked about ten things she wants in a man. Apart from loving his family and himself, Freda said the man has to pay for everything in the relationship, down to his children’s welfare.

According to Korra Obidi, she has been on the Blue app for over ten years. Indeed, her unwavering dedication to building her career and fan base is a testament to her hard work and perseverance. When her ex-husband tried to destroy her career by announcing their divorce in March of 2021, accused her of cheating, among several things and called her unprintable names, he only succeeded in exposing her to millions of new fans inspired by her story and struggles. As a result, Korra’s fan base grew stronger, propelling her to a new height of success and wealth.

Today, she stands tall as a single parent, having purchased houses in LA and Nigeria and living on her own terms. Korra’s former husband also moved on, and both shared custody of their two young children. According to him, he is focused on his career as a chiropractor and building his Facebook presence as a content creator. In September 2023, he began collaborating with several people.

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