Kylie Jenner Debunk Claims She ‘Refused’ To Tag Black-owned Fashion Brand!

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    Beauty guru and millionaire, Kylie Jenner after rocking an interesting outfit she posted on Instagram, she was accused of not tagging the Black-owned clothing brand. The reality star posted the brown fish-net styled body-cone dress in the midst of a desert landscape on social media and got a lot of compliments for it. Kylie Jenner who is currently on holiday in a secret location with her daughter Stormi Webster and some of her close friends posted several poses with the dress on Instagram but didn’t mention or tagged the designer.

    Photo credit: Kylie Jenner – Instagram

    She was called out by a Twitter follower who recognised the dress and shared screenshots of Kylie’s photo, the brands official Instagram account and the dress in question being worn by a black woman. 

    The Twitter user wrote: “Kylie Jenner is refusing to tag the designer of the dress she just posted, which is a black-owned brand, and now limiting her comments. @LoudBrndStudios is a designer!” The user also claimed that Kylie was deleting comments that tagged the brand.

    There was a debate among social media users who said if Kylie purchased the dress, she is not obliged to tag the designer.

    Celebrities and influencer are held to strict social media policy in America and are legally required to disclose items if they’re promotional material, gift or loan.

    Apart from the backlash, other users also urged Kylie to tag Black-owned fashion brands in the future, as she would be giving them exposure and this will be a great opportunity for them with her millions of fans.

    The ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ founder has finally responded to the backlash that claims that she refused to tag the brand in a recent Instagram post. She finally tagged the brand LoudBrand Studios and added that the claims she refused to tag her were ‘completely false’.

    Kylie retweeted the accusation and called it “a reach”, and added “Why would I ever REFUSE to tag a brand and block comments. This is completely false. I think this brand is amazing and I wanted to show support and will continue to do so”.


    She then went on to finally tag the brand’s official Twitter handle in the same tweet as well as her Instagram story with her rocking the dress.

    LoudBrand Studios also thanked fans and Kylie Jenner after she made the post.

    The interesting fish-net style dress has since then sold out, including other items on the brand’s website. However, the brand said they’ll be restocking soon.

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