Late Rico Swavey’s Parents Speak Emotionally About Their Son’s Death, Appeal To Government & Hospitals

‘I ain’t paying money to always see one type of person on-scree’ Actor J.
‘I ain’t paying money to always see one type of person on-scree’ Actor J.
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Halima Hassan, the mother of the late Big Brother Naija, Rico Swavey, has talked about her son’s shocking death, saying that she prayed for a miracle before his sad death.

The bereaved woman said that after she heard that her son had been in an accident, her first instinct was to go and see him and be there for him.

In her words: “it’s very emotional. I really don’t feel good. When I heard about the accident, my first instinct was to go and see him, let me be there for him, that was my first instinct. Let me know what happened, let me see him.”

Speaking further, the mother of the late singer said she kept praying for a miracle when she finally saw her son’s condition.

She added: “When I saw him , I wasn’t happy but I was praying that some miracle will happen and I keep praying.”

Mrs Halima continued. She talked about how bad it is for a person to lose their child while they are still alive. She also addressed the government and hospitals.

She said: “Nobody will have a child that died very young and you are still there. Nobody want to be in a state to grieve their own child or bury their own child but unfortunately, it happened to me and fortunately, also, I will use this opportunity to appeal to government. The hospital should please,any trauma accident like Rico’s, they should put money aside and treat on anybody and they should try to do the road, the road is terrible, eveif it is a streetlight, whatever they can do, they should do it to help the young ones.”

“Everybody has young people moving here and there, hustling for their life, we don’t want anything to happen to them. So please I appeals to the Nigerian government, hospitals, they should please use this as a lesson just to change. Let’s change and do something.”

In other words, Rico’s dad, Otynba Adetokunbo Fakoya, also expressed his grief at his son’s death, adding that the deceased refused to relocate abroad because he was determined to make it in Nigeria.

He said: Rico’s death was really sad and hit most of the family unexpectedly. The only thing I miss about him is he was a very quick boy. Most of the other children decided to travel abroad, but he is the only one that said ‘daddy ‘ I’m not going, I want to make it here in Nigeria.”

The aged man added that was a big shock to him, he has taken it as the will of God because there is nothing he can do about it.

He appealed to the Lagos State government to work on the bad roads because it had taken most lives.

Rico died at the age of 30. May his soul rest in peace.

Video Details About Rico Swavey’s Death

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