Lil Wayne Says Ancestry Search Reveals He Is 53% Nigerian | Video

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Lil Wayne side talks and admiration for Nigeria just keeps getting fascinating and stronger.

This time, the popular rapper says he has traced his original roots to Nigeria.

Lil Wayne disclosed the stunning revelation on Revolt TV where he recently appeared as a guest for the Drink Champ show hosted by fellow rappers N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. During their chat, the Lollipop crooner was quizzed by N.O.R.A on why he gave a shout out to Nigeria in one of his hit songs.

The song in particular is titled “A Milli“, where he delivered the following lines, ‘“I’m a Millionaire I’m a Young Money Millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair.” 

“Shout out to Nigeria, I did my 23 and me ancestry dot com and my shit came back like 53% Nigerian. Yea! Me and my mum need to have a talk (Laughter),”  he replied back.

Lil Wayne

Furthermore, Lil Wayne was asked if he had ever been to Nigeria. He quickly said no and again instated the strong desire to visit the country.

”I gat to go to Nigeria…I gat to go see that place,” he said.

It comes after the singer recently placed Nigeria at the top of his travel wish list.  Lil Wayne stated in an interview that he would love to visit the county. When asked why, he said that he has different ideas about Nigeria and how it’s lit up with people who love to party.

Watch the interview below:

Photo Credit: Instagram

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