MAC x Aaliyah Box Set Sold Out Minutes after Release!

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The MAC x Aaliyah makeup collection has finally gone live online, but the $250 box set in the late R&B star’s honour sold out in minutes. Aaliyah fans bought all the box sets available from the MAC website. The kit, which is shaped like a pyramid, includes a dozen makeup items, a bandana, and poster of the singer.

However, the individual pieces in the collection have not sold out, and fans who didn’t have a chance to buy the box set online can purchase it in person from MAC stores.

The MAC x Aaliyah makeup collection has been years in the making, and Aaliyah stans deserve the credit for making it happen: A petition that asked MAC to release a line commemorating the singer netted more than 26,000 signatures.

The fact that the box set has already sold out online is not surprising. In the days leading up to the MAC x Aaliyah drop, there’s been plenty of buzz about the makeup collection and how true it will be to the singer. Equal parts goth, glam, and street, Aaliyah is just as hard to define in death as she was in life. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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