Maureen Esis on Failed Marriage With Blossom Chukwujekwu: ‘My Old Man Broke To Me The News Of My Marriage Being Over’

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Former celebrity wife Maureen Esis has taken to social media to reflect on her failed marriage with Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu. 

Esis says her ex husband Chukwujekwu dissolved their marriage behind her back and she only got to know about it from her father.

The skincare entrepreneur made this known via her Instagram page today being Tuesday, August 11, 2020, which also happens to be same day she was informed that she has been divorced.

Reflecting on the incident, Esis said the day she learned of her crashed marriage with the movie star was the worst day in her.

Esis and Chukwujekwu were briefly married for four years.

She explained that her first reaction
was to laugh and pace the room. Then, she pondered why she was the last to to be informed that her own marriage was over.

She said: “Worst day today. Work Sucked Greatly. My Heart Sank too. Weird thing is by this time last year, exactly same date and same time, my Old man broke to me the news of my marriage being over. I remember laughing for a long time, standing up from where I sat listening to him as he tried to find the best words to convey the message to me. I put both hands in my pocket and paced the room silently as he looked at me waiting on me to say something. I pondered in my head about what I had just heard, why I was the last person to know it how in the world we got there.” 

The 33-year old lady went on to talk about the bias in African culture when it comes to treating women and men in marriage settings. According to her, African culture encourages women to be more tolerant of whatever is thrown at them but the same is not applied to men.

She continued: “African culture makes it so that the Woman must take it all in, she must understand no matter what, she must be subdued, she must never complain, she must learn to live with whatever, she must forgive even when she can’t, she must show happiness even when she is depressed, she must show strength even when she is weak…. and more. But the Man, he is allowed to NOT take shit (even the tiniest of it) He would even be Praised for it. Life!!!! September 11th in View. I will be 33. I am Happier. I am at Peace I’m stronger. I’m Richer. I’m sexier. I’m Single. I’m Free. I wasn’t Perfect. I will NEVER be. But I was His Best! Someday, I will Tell this Story…33 in a Bit (Exactly 1month Away.” 

Esis says her ex husband Chukwujekwu dissolved their marriage behind her back.

Esis and Chukwujekwu were briefly married for four years. The now separated couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in 2015 and got divorced in 2019 after their marriage hit the rocks.

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