Media Personality; Peace Hyde speaks on Moving to Ghana, Overcoming Adversity, Empowerment & more in Huffington Post!

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    British Ghanaian and Forbes Africa correspondent Peace Hyde was recently featured on Huffington Post.At first glance, Hyde is definitely a contradiction. Despite her endowed proportion, which immediately causes you to troll through her images with a fine toothcomb, there are no sexy bikini pictures to be seen or raunchy poses on all fours. Instead, her Instagram page (@peac_hy) is juxtaposed with fashionable, stunning images with long captions full of inspiration and motivation’. Said Maleeka Taliha Hollaway, the lady who had the privilege of interviewing the media personality.

    In this Interview, Peace discussed leaving the UK, overcoming adversities, staying motivated and much more.

    Peace said:

    I came across a group of market girls known locally as kayayos, these were young girls from the ages of 12 to 15 who spent their days on the streets carrying heavy loads on their heads for less than $2 a day. They had no opportunities or access to education and witnessing their struggles made me feel a sense of injustice.
    I had to do something. I would go out to the marketplace every week and pay these young girls their daily wages and in return, they would receive literacy, numeracy and science lessons from me. I felt that I was on this one woman crusade, not realising this goal was far bigger than me!
    She talked about becoming a sought after media personality in Ghana after she landed a part in a panel on a live talk show in Ghana to fund her mission.
    Peace Hyde also discussed her tragic accident during the flood that killed over 300 people in Ghana.
    I woke up in the hospital to find out that my fall had resulted in my back being impaled by a car part and I had gotten trapped by some barbed wires when I fell in the flood. I had to have 2 blood transfusions and about 13 metal staples and 2 metal plates on my back.
    The doctors recommended I stay off my feet for the next 3 months but 2 weeks after surgery, I was hosting my talk show against their wishes. Problems will always come our way, but how we choose to deal with them will determine God’s blessings for our lives.

    She also discussed her woman empowerment show on Forbes “Against the Odds.”

    Read more about the feature HERE.

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